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CarPlay with Siri can send receive and read text messages

Why Use CarPlay?

After the debut of CarPlay, some have commented that it’s not anything new. After all, automobile manufacturers have been integrating technology for some time. The advantage of CarPlay is that it is an extension of your iPhone. It will play music that’s stored on your iPhone. If you send a text message, the message is sent from your iPhone, preserving its history. You may have driving directions pre-configured on your iPhone, which are ready to go when you get in your car. Many people have their lives on their iPhone. It only makes sense to integrate this into the car, rather than have two autonomous systems.

People already know how to use CarPlay. That’s a huge advantage. There is nothing new to learn. If you are familiar with Siri and iOS, CarPlay is an extension of these technologies.

CarPlay is also upgradable. I own a car with a in-dash computer and, apart from mapping data, it can’t really be upgraded. It’s technically possible, but the controls are bound to physical buttons on the steering wheel and dash. Furthermore, there’s only so much the built-in computer can do. Improvements would require upgrading the hardware, which is built into the car. That’s not a great idea.

One major advantage of CarPlay is that the in-car component is really just a screen and conduit. The iPhone is the brain. You can upgrade the software on your iPhone, and even get a new iPhone. CarPlay will improve with each upgrade. It’s a brilliant system design. After all, people will often keep a car for 5-10 years. In that time, they may upgrade their iPhone several times. The technology in my car is only a few years old, but it is already obsolete. I have to buy a new car to upgrade it, or pursue some after-market solution. Even if your in-car computer is software-upgradable, the hardware limits upgradability. When new wireless networking standards emerge, a built-in computer can’t be upgraded. That’s the brilliance of CarPlay. The iPhone does the heavy lifting. It can be replaced. That’s far easier than upgrading built-in hardware.

Apple’s CarPlay has catapulted the Cupertino tech giant into the lead of automotive computing. The next step may likely be your home and livingroom. With improvements in Apple TV on the horizon and hints at home automation, Apple is destined to become an even larger part of many people’s lives. Let’s face it — the iPhone’s sales have plateaued. Apple is overdue for defining new categories of products. 2014 is going to be an exciting year for those who use Apple technology.

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