Best Game Controllers for Apple TV

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Customer reviews of this controller are insightful and favorable. People seem to like the weight of this controller, which is intentional. The SteelSeries Nimbus is lighter, which is actually a disadvantage. The extra weight of the Horipad Ultimate was a design decision. It actually feels better. Users also like the finer details, such as a concave Menu button, meant to resemble the iPhone’s home button.

Not every reviewer sings the praises of the Horipad Ultimate game controller. Some customers note that the joysticks become misaligned over time, making the controller unusable. There are actually a lot of complaints about the joysticks. One reviewer claims that he couldn’t get it to pair with Apple TV. My hunch is that their Bluetooth 4.1 implementation wasn’t compatible with the first versions of tvOS. When Apple TV first launched, there were many complaints of Bluetooth compatibility issues with headphones and other devices. Most of these issues have been fixed, and the vast majority of customers are able to pair the Horipad Ultimate wireless controller.

Although this controller is well made and seems to get favorable reviews, there are some doubts about the joysticks. At $65, I’m not sure that this is any better than the SteelSeries Nimbus. The heftier weight and 80 hour battery life may make the Horipad Ultimate superior to the Nimbus. That said, it’s worth investigating complaints about the joysticks before investing in this controller.

What’s the Best Game Controller for Apple TV?

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer as to which game controller is best. If money is no object, the Horipad Ultimate seems like the best. Although there are a few complaints about the joysticks, customers seem to love it. Personally, I feel the SteelSeries Nimbus is the safest bet. I just haven’t read many reviews complaining about malfunctioning controls, although there are some. That’s very important for a game controller! You may need to have some perspective on reliability. If someone’s toddler hammers away at the controller, it may break easily. Gamers who play with a bit more finesse may fare better. There are also variances in manufacturing runs.

The SteelSeries Nimbus comes with an iOS app that can change settings and apply firmware updates. This really sets it apart from the competition. The price is also reasonable, considering that most other controllers cost more and have fewer favorable reviews. I personally went for the SteelSeries Nimbus.

For the more casual gamer, the SteelSeries Stratus XL seems like a viable option. It’s the least expensive game controller featured in this article. If you don’t mind replacing the batteries occasionally, it may pay off. The left directional pad isn’t as sensitive as the Nimbus and it doesn’t seem to offer a configuration app. If money is an option and gaming is infrequent, this is an excellent option.

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