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The best thing about Angry Birds Go! is that each level is completely different and features novel vehicles. For example, the Air level features partially airborne racing with flying vehicles. You can skid across ice and snow on the Sub Zero level. Angry Birds Go! is like a cartoonish fantasy racing game. It’s the polar opposite of Real Racing 3. It’s kid friendly, yet wickedly fun for adults.

My only qualm with the game is that it is a condensed version of the iOS title. The actual races are much shorter and the action is slower-paced. It’s missing some levels that are offered on the iOS version. I’m not sure why they did this, but I prefer to play this game on my iPad.

This is another game where I went for an in-app purchase. I bought the coin doubler, which gives players twice the number of coins after each race. This made the game much more fun, as I was able to upgrade vehicles much faster.

Variety is the best thing about Angry Birds Go! It’s hard to get bored with this game when there are so many race courses and vehicles. They all differ so much. I got a little addicted to this game, as I kept on wanting to see the next level. I just wish the tvOS version was as good as its iOS counterpart.

Crossy Road for Apple TV

Featured at an Apple Keynote event, Crossy Road is a low resolution game similar to Frogger. It’s a pun on the old “why did the chicken cross the road” joke. Although this game is nothing amazing, it managed to go viral and propel the developer, Hipster Whale, into the stratosphere. It’s a decent game, but they won the Silicon Valley sweepstakes.

Similar to Frogger, the objective of Crossy Road is to move the chicken across lanes of traffic without getting hit. Players collect coins en route to the other side of the road. Whatever you do, don’t stand still, or else you will be attacked by a hawk.

Crossy Roads can offer a few hours of quality entertainment. It can also be a great party game. It’s not complicated. There’s virtually no learning curve. It’s a fun game, but you probably won’t end up getting addicted to it. Like the developer’s name implies, there is a hipster element to it. The 8-bit graphics game trend seems to be going the way of the beard and man-bun.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout for Apple TV

GameLoft, developer of Asphalt 8 and other titles, seems to offer some of the best free Apple TV games. Their business model is simple — give people excellent free games and maybe they will make some in-app purchases. It’s a recipe for success, because it opens the app up to a much larger audience. After buying some really bad games, I’m weary of spending money on a game up front. Even some of the most highly rated Editor’s Choice games are total garbage. If the developer won’t let you at least try the game for free, it’s probably garbage. There are a few exceptions. next page →

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