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The Incident

Fans of retro-style arcade games are sure to enjoy The Incident. This amusing game centers around protagonist Frank Solway, who navigates a post-apocalyptic world. This may sound gloomy, but it’s actually done in a cute and cartoonish way.

This is a retro-style game, so one shouldn’t expect the high-end graphics found in today’s first person shooters. The graphics are on par with classic games like Donkey Kong or Super Mario Brothers. Much like these classics, the game is very easy to play. Tilting your device moves the player and tapping the screen makes him jump. As debris drops from the sky, one must move Frank in order to dodge objects and climb upward. Players can shove debris to move and stack it, enabling Frank to climb or build shelter. It’s really quite fun.

The Incident seems basic at first glance, but offers some innovative features. Players can use another iOS device as a controller. For example, you can use your iPad as the screen and your iPhone as a controller. While the full version has proper support for AirPlay Dual Screen mode, even the free version works well with AirPlay Mirroring.

price: free version and $0.99 full version

tip: The full version allows players to compete online using Game Center.

The Walking Dead: The Game

If you love the AMC show The Walking Dead, the iOS game will not disappoint. The game actually is based more closely on the graphic novels by Robert Kirkman. The comic-styled graphics are lifted straight from the pages of The Walking Dead graphic novels. This game is not intended for children and carries a 17+ rating.

One of the most amazing aspects of this game is that you must live with the consequences of your actions. As you play, the decisions you make dictate how the story will unfold. There’s continuity, as opposed to simplistic games where you lose a life and everything starts over, like a cartoon.

The Walking Dead is a combination interactive movie and action game. In some parts of the game, the player interacts by selecting preset replies in order to participate in a conversation. This shapes the storyline. In other vignettes, the player must react quickly to fight off walkers and stay alive. Overall, it’s a fun game and quite an ambitious endeavor. It’s so much easier to use a touch screen as a controller, as opposed to playing the game with a computer keyboard. In many respects, these iOS games are superior to their PC counterparts.

Although Dual Screen AirPlay mode is supported, it really just mirrors the display in wide-screen. Regular iOS games will just display the game in the standard 4:3 screen ratio. This isn’t a drawback, however. It’s much easier to play the game when you can look down at your iPad. With the cinematic graphics and great sound, it’s quite an experience on the big screen. The game developers recommend playing the game with headphones. It also sounds great with TV speakers and even better if your system is connected to a stereo. (continue…)

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