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Four In A Row

While not the most exciting game, TapMedia Publishing’s Four In A Row is good, clean family fun. The game is a knock-off of the popular Hasbro game Connect Four. Players drop virtual pieces into a suspended grid, trying to get four in a row.

The most surprising aspect of this game is that it requires Apple TV and AirPlay mirroring to work. The game doesn’t work without these other Apple products. Four In A Row is not an amazing experience, but it can be good clean family fun. It’s inexpensive and can be a bit of a brain teaser. There is strategy involved. The game can be challenging if you’re playing a sharp opponent.

price: $0.99

tip: Players can compete against the computer for a real challenge.

Four in a Row Dual Screen AirPlay game for Apple TV

MetalStorm: Online

MetalStorm: Online is a popular aerial combat game. Players wage simulated warfare, flying state-of-the art military jets. The game features three modes — campaign, versus mode, and survival mode. In campaign mode, the user embarks on an epic battle spanning several single-player missions. Versus mode allows players to combat online opponents using their Game Center account. Survival mode pits the player with wave after wave of attacks, allowing an online friend to join the battle.

Using AirPlay Dual Screen technology, players can use their iOS device to control the game, which is projected on TV. The controls are simple and intuitive. Tilting the device controls the plane. Weapons and other features are controlled by tapping virtual buttons on your iOS device’s screen.

Metal Storm: Online on Apple TV

MetalStorm cockpit controller on iPad

Game play is surprisingly smooth, even when playing online opponents. MetalStorm: Online is one of my favorite iOS games. Dual Screen AirPlay mode makes it even better.

price: Free, with optional in-app purchases of credits to buy weapons, planes and other virtual products.

tip: You can earn “coins” by playing the game and watching advertisements. The coins can be spent on planes, missiles, and other virtual products.

N.O.V.A. 3

Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance 3 is a highly complicated first person shooter, similar to HALO. This science fiction oriented game revolves around Kal Wardin, and exiled human, who returns to Earth in order to free mankind. This is an epic game with battles taking place across the galaxy.

N.O.V.A. 3 has excellent support for Dual Screen AirPlay. As with most games supporting this technology, your iOS device is transformed into a controller. The graphics for this one are amazing on a flat screen TV. Unfortunately, there is a bit of a lag. Also, the complexity of this game can make it a bit difficult to control the game while focusing on the gameplay on TV. With enough practice, you’ll get the hang of it. (continue…)

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