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For those who want a fun way to exercise, BitBreaker brings motion sensing gaming to the Apple ecosystem. Similar to Breakout, the objective of the game is to destroy bricks in a wall by bouncing a ball off a moving paddle.

Active Theory Inc brings a new twist to this arcade classic. After enabling AirPlay mirroring and starting the app, the user places their iOS device on the ground, making sure to take a few steps away from the device. The paddle is controlled by moving one’s body to the left or right. Users can fire off a power shot by jumping.

Apple recently made headlines by acquiring PrimeSense, the company that created the Kinect motion sensing technology used in Microsoft’s XBox. The developers of BitBreaker have demonstrated that motion sensing technology is already possible with the existing Apple ecosystem. After all, most iOS devices have a camera, which is all that’s needed to detect motion. It’s not an easy task — there’s a lot of visual noise to filter out.

I’m impressed by Active Theory’s creation. This app gets great reviews. It makes exercise fun! Active Theory has created a few other apps to make exercise more enjoyable. Fit Freeway Lite is a racing game that works with exercise bikes and elliptical machines. It senses vibrations in the exercise equipment, which controls acceleration. The user steers with head movements. Fit Freeway Lite isn’t an AirPlay Dual Screen game, however. It’s just another innovative app from this creative developer.

price: free

tip: Use this app daily for exercise. It will add some fun to your workout.

BitBreaker Dual Screen AirPlay game for Apple TV

Ducati Challenge

If you have a need for speed, Ducati Challenge is the game for you. This popular motorcycle racing game can be played on your iOS device or in stunning 1080p HD on your Apple TV. Players can choose between a quick challenge race and a multiplayer game. The multiplayer game allows 4 users to play head-to-head on the same WiFi Network. Additionally, the game offers different HUDs (heads up display), enabling different views of performance and progress indicators.

The motion sensors in your iOS device are used to play the game. You steer the motorcycle by tilting the device. The accelerator and breaks are controlled by pressing the onscreen buttons. These can also be controlled by tilting the device up or down, using the device’s accelerometer. Players can also use a virtual joystick to control the game. This can come in handy if you’re playing the game while travelling. In AirPlay Dual Screen mode, your iOS device becomes the controller, and the gameplay is displayed on your TV. Tapping the camera icon on the control screen changes the point-of-view.

Overall, the game is a pleasure to play. The controls are responsive. The only issue is that there is the occasional lag in gameplay, but it didn’t diminish my enjoyment. The developer, Digital Tales, clearly put a lot of work into this game. They seem to have thought of everything. It has great graphics, is highly customizable, and features responsive controls.

price: Free and $2.99 versions, both support Dual Screen AirPlay. The full version features more bikes, race tracks and an ad-free user experience.

tip: Tap on the screen to move past the credits and introductory screens. Also, make sure to turn on AirPlay Mirroring before starting the game. (continue…)

Ducati Challenge iPad control screen for Apple TV Dual Screen AirPlay game

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