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updated by Chand Bellur
September 11, 2022 at 1:40 p.m.

Since its debut in 2007, Apple TV has gradually improved its channel lineup. Let’s take a look at Apple TV’s channels and what they have to offer.

This article presents a complete guide to Apple TV channels. Whether you have a new Apple TV or an older model, we’ll cover how to access Apple TV channels and available networks. The information presented here is also valuable for those using the Apple TV app on an iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows PC, Xbox, smart TV, or other devices.

Two main divisions exist in the Apple TV world — legacy Apple TV and modern Apple TV. The second and third-generation models, which cannot run tvOS, are still used by many people today. Although they can’t run apps and have fixed channels, AirPlay allows users to beam content from an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Fourth-generation and later Apple TV models run tvOS and feature the App Store. These devices run the Apple TV app, and users can subscribe to Apple TV+.

After several years, splitting this page into two articles became necessary. Apple TV channels evolved beyond the Apple TV device. People can now access this content on an iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows PC, or smart TV. The channels are different too. Older Apple TVs had more channels; however, without an App Store, they’re far more limited than newer models.

Many Apple TV “channels,” such as Netflix, are sold as complete apps downloaded from the App Store. On older Apple TV models, they baked these into the system. Users activated Netflix, Hulu, and other services by subscribing. Eventually, Apple provided the ability to hide channels on the Home Screen of older models as more content options joined the fray.

If you have a modern iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, computer, or smart TV and you’re looking for information on Apple TV Channels, look no further. This article lists every Apple TV channel in alphabetical order, along with its price. We’ll also examine how to subscribe to and cancel Apple TV channels. Those who still own second and third-generation Apple TVs should read “Legacy Apple TV Channels for Second and Third Generation Apple TVs.”

What is Apple TV Anyway?

Apple employees and consultants are generally adept at naming products and services. Apple TV is an exception. The overloaded term describes a device, an app, and a service. It’s a premium service when you add a “+” to the end, making it Apple TV+.

Let’s reiterate — Apple TV is a device, an app, and a service. The Apple TV device is a hockey-puck-sized unit that connects to a flat-screen TV with an HDMI cable. Apple TV is also an app that runs on almost all Apple devices, Windows 10, Xbox, and many more gadgets. It’s surprising to see Apple branch out; however, they’re trying to compete with Netflix. Like Netflix, Apple TV+ is a subscription service offering TV shows and movies produced by Apple.

What Are Apple TV Channels?

Apple TV Channels are essentially niche on-demand content services offered at a low cost. The original Apple TV models featured channels like Netflix and, eventually, Hulu. Apple reclassified these as streaming services, not channels. Typically, most Apple TV, iPhone, and “whatever” device users access Netflix through its apps or website. Apple TV Channels are different.

Apple TV Channels run within the Apple TV app. They’re often unique partnerships with Apple to offer select content at a low price. Many Apple TV channels are less than $5 per month, targeting niche audiences.

PBS Living is a perfect example of a modern-day Apple TV Channel. It doesn’t have a presence on cable TV. At $2.99 per month, forget about the latte analogy. It costs less than a cheap cup of coffee at a fast-food restaurant. You also get what you pay for. The content is limited, but that’s the point.

Apple TV Channels are specific, inexpensive, and mostly unique experiences. Some providers, such as Starz, offer their complete service as an Apple TV channel. However, most take advantage of Apple TV to provide viewers with something different.

For legacy Apple TV owners — those with second and third-generation models — Apple TV Channels are similar but much more basic. These primordial Apple TV units don’t have an App Store because they can’t run tvOS. They’re essentially glorified iPods that connect to your TV. Instead, Apple TV Channels appeared when Apple updated the Home Screen.

These legacy Apple TV Channels are covered in another article. They haven’t changed in years, and they don’t apply to most people. Unlike modern Apple TV Channels, these only exist on older Apple TV units and never made their way onto the iPhone or other devices. I suspect there are probably a few million second and third-generation Apple TVs still in use today. However, the majority of Apple TV customers will find the most relevant information right here.

How to Access and Subscribe to Apple TV Channels on Apple TV

For this section, let’s assume you’re using an Apple TV. The Apple TV app is available on many devices and platforms; however, one of the best experiences is using a flat-screen TV and an Apple TV box. Assuming that you’re on the Home screen of Apple TV, the following steps will guide you through accessing and subscribing to Apple TV channels.

  1. Using the Siri remote, hold down the microphone button and say, “launch Apple TV”. The Apple TV app appears.Launch Apple TV App Using the Siri Remote
  2. Swipe over to Watch Now on the top menu bar using the Siri remote’s Touch surface or Touch-enabled clickpad.Use Siri Remote to Display Watch Now ScreenSelect Watch Now From Menu Using Siri Remote
  3. Scroll down to the Channels section of the Watch Now screen.Scroll Down to the Channels Section of the Watch Now Screen
  4. Scroll horizontally to browse Apple TV channels and click on one to view its details.Scroll Horizontally and Click on Apple TV Channel to View Details
  5. View the details of your selected channel. Many channels come with free trials, with some offered at no cost. Click on “Try It Free” or the subscribe button to access the channel. Press the Menu button to exit the detail screen.Click on Try It Free
  6. If you opted into a subscription, you’ll see a confirmation screen. Click on Confirm to complete the transaction or Cancel to opt out. Remember to cancel your subscription one day before the trial period elapses if you’re not interested in the network.Confirm or Cancel Subscription
  7. The channel’s screen appears immediately after subscribing. From here, you can browse content and play TV shows and movies.Apple TV Channel Appears Immediately After SubscribingApple TV Channel's Home Screen

Subscribed channels appear in the same list, ordered by the ones you’ve activated on the left. When you want to browse your subscribed Apple TV channel, launch the Apple TV app, choose the Watch Now tab, and scroll down to the Channels list.

Unfortunately, Siri is incapable of servicing channel-specific requests. Simply asking Siri to “open the PBS Living channel” or any permutation of this request doesn’t work. Apple’s intelligent assistant continually steers the user to the App Store, perhaps hoping they’ll make another purchase. For now, using the Siri remote to navigate the Apple TV app provides the easiest way to access your favorite channels.

How to Cancel Apple TV Channel Subscriptions

Apple is a little sneaky when it comes to subscriptions. By default, they turn off email receipts. Many people subscribe to Apple services they don’t use at all, yet they’re entirely unaware of this wasteful situation. Even worse, it’s so simple to cancel an Apple service. You can do it on your iPhone, iPad, or other devices. Although it’s not hidden, Apple doesn’t make it obvious how to cancel Apple TV channel subscriptions. Find out how to turn on email receipts and cancel Apple TV channels.

Apple TV Channels

The following Apple TV Channels are available on fourth-generation (or later) Apple TV units, as well as the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows computers, Xbox, and myriad other devices. Most channels offer a trial period of 7 days before billing begins. This information is clearly displayed on each channel’s home screen.


  • A&E Crime Central – $4.99 A&E Crime Central Apple TV Channel
  • Acorn TV – $6.99 Acorn TV Apple TV Channel
  • allblk – $5.99 allblk Apple TV Channel
  • AMC+ – $8.99AMC+ Apple TV Channel
  • Apple TV+ – $4.99Apple TV+ Apple TV Channel
  • BBC Select – $4.99BBC Select Apple TV Channel
  • BET+ – $9.99BET+ Apple TV Channel
  • BFI Player Classics – $5.99BFI Player Classics Apple TV Channel
  • BritBox – $6.99BritBox Apple TV Channel
  • Carnegie Hall+ – $7.99Carnegie Hall+ Apple TV Channel
  • Cinemax – $9.99Cinemax Apple TV Channel
  • Curiosity – $2.99Curiosity Apple TV Channel
  • EPIX – $5.99EPIX Apple TV Channel
  • Eros Now Select – $3.49Eros Now Select Apple TV Channel
  • Hallmark Movies Now – $5.99Hallmark Movies Now Apple TV Channel
  • History Vault – $4.99History Vault Apple TV Channel
  • IFC Films Unlimited – $5.99IFC Films Unlimited Apple TV Channel
  • Lifetime Movie Club – $4.99Lifetime Movie Club Apple TV Channel
  • Moonbug Kids – $1.99Moonbugs Kids Apple TV Channel
  • Motortrend – $4.99Motortrend Apple TV Channel
  • MUBI – $10.99MUBI Apple TV Channel
  • noggin – $7.99noggin Apple TV Channel
  • OUT TV – $3.99OUT TV Apple TV Channel
  • Pantaya – $5.99Pantaya Apple TV Channel
  • Paramount+ – $9.99Paramount+ Apple TV Channel
  • PBS Living – $2.99PBS Living Apple TV Channel
  • ScreenPix – $2.99ScreenPix Apple TV Channel
  • Showtime – $10.99Showtime Apple TV Channel
  • Shudder – $5.99Shudder Apple TV Channel
  • Starz – $8.99Starz Apple TV Channel
  • Sundance Now – $6.99Sundance Now Apple TV Channel
  • Tastemade – $2.99Tastemade Apple TC Channel
  • The Great Courses Signature Collection – $7.99The Great Courses Signature Collection Apple TV Channel
  • Topic – $5.99Topic Apple TV Channel
  • UP faith & family – $4.99UP faith & family Apple TV Channel
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  1. Any updates on tnt for apple tv? With the other channe;s, I hook up and either get asked for an activation code, or asked for my xfinity account. I don’t like airplay cause it really drains my iphone battery. Since I have an xfinity acct and tnt is in my bundle, why can’t apple tv offer a tv app? I heard Comcast was being a hard ass about this when it comes to contracts with Apple. Cannot even use a ‘workaround’ url.

    As I said, I really don’t want to depend on airplay to watch 3 hrs of tnt.

    1. TNT is a holdout on all TV appliances. It appears that Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku and other devices also don’t have TNT. I expect that they will come into the fold, eventually.

      Apple has been enabling this collusion between the TV provider industry (cable, satellite, telco) and networks. At the WWDC, they announced single sign-on for channels/apps that require a TV provider subscription. While this is convenient for those who have cable, it kind of defeats the point of a TV appliance. Apple TV can only be an adjunct to cable, satellite or U-verse. This hurts both consumers and Apple. They could sell a lot more Apple TVs if the industry didn’t have this level of collusion.

      As a former cable subscriber, I cut the cord out of frustration with cable. There were problems all the time, especially with on-demand and Internet access. These features would not work for days, and it happened monthly. All they could do is send out a technician 4 days after the problem (no on-demand or Internet access for 4 days, which meant no working from home). They fixed it and it broke again in a month.

      In the SF Bay area, most people live in older homes and apartment buildings. The cable infrastructure is horrible. They actually re-cabled my condo, and it still didn’t work, because the distribution boxes were old and they refused to fix them. The solution to the outage was always in the distribution box, not in my home. They simply refused to fix it and felt that 4 days without Internet access and on-demand was acceptable. My attempts to get them to pro-rate the charges and even disputing the charge with my bank were unsuccessful. This is why Comcast regularly wins the “Golden Poo” award for worst customer service. Their solution? Let’s call it “Xfinity” and make some commercials with Jim Gaffigan to convince people that we’ve changed.

      As much as I believe this madness can’t go on, there’s no sign it will end. Apple’s rumored TV channel lineup seems to be the victim of stalled negotiations. Technology is not the limitation here. It’s all about the TV provider business that refuses to be relegated to Internet service providers. The margins are thin in the ISP industry. Then you have corporations like Comcast that own NBC/Universal… I’m all for corporations making money, but come on, how long can this go on? TV appliances like Apple TV can’t just be adjuncts. How many boxes and services do we need just to watch a show? And yes, AirPlay and other “Rube Goldberg” solutions are ridiculous. Not only will it drain your iPhone’s battery, but it will shorten the overall life of your iPhone’s battery. I’ve also found AirPlay to be a bit buggy after the recent overhaul. I use it mainly for Spotify, and I get the occasional audio dropout. (But it is still more reliable than Apple Music, even when used directly on Apple TV.)

      I’m probably even more frustrated than you with all of this. The single sign-on coming to tvOS simply makes it easier for consumers to tolerate the collusion. Now you can register with your TV provider once, and all of the channels will be activated. But you still need to pay for cable. At the very least, they could sell a service to provide a surrogate subscription, just for your TV appliance. I might very well pay Comcast, Xfinity (or whatever they’re called) $20-30 a month to just be able to activate these Apple TV channels. (Please, leave that power-guzzling, humongous cable box with the 100-button remote in the van.)

      I can only imagine these meetings must be like a viper pit. There’s so much money to be made, and consumers can have such a better experience, but due to short-sighted greed, it just isn’t happening. It really is short-sighted. Apple, TV providers and content creators (networks, movie studios) would all stand to gain if they could create a subscription service for people who don’t want cable. Some people can’t get cable, particularly dorm-dwelling college students and people who travel frequently. There’s an untapped market…

      I would never, ever, ever sign up for cable again. No matter where I lived, it’s always been a horrible experience. I don’t think Internet service will be delivered though 1970s coaxial cable for much longer. I think the cable companies know this, which is why they desperately cling on to this obsolete business model.

    2. You can now get TNT and a bunch of other cable channels on Apple TV 4, without a cable subscription. Sling offers an Apple TV app and service providing 25 live, streaming cable channels for $20 a month. TNT is one of the included channels. They have additional packages that can provide up to 65 channels, including HBO.

      I’m going to use the free trial and write an article about Sling. I think it’s a game changer and a vital service for cord-cutters. My only concern is that it only gets 3/5 stars in the App Store. I really need to use and evaluate the product before I fully recommend it. That said, there’s no harm in going for the free trial.

    1. That does suck! I really hate it when they disable AirPlay so you can only watch it on your device. Have you tried using AirPlay Mirroring? Sometimes it will work, but it usually doesn’t look very good. Connecting your iOS device to the TV directly with an HDMI cable can often work, but they can disable that too. I checked out their website, and they require a TV provider, so using AirPlay from a computer won’t work unless you already have cable. If you have cable, what’s the point?

      I have to admit, it is frustrating to see how some networks are dealing with the transition.

    1. I did some research, but I when I tapped on Watch Eurosport (on their site), I only got a blank web page. I checked out their app in the App Store, but they didn’t have any information. I’ll download it and see if it supports AirPlay. Since Eurosport does not offer an Apple TV channel, the only way to watch it on Apple TV is using AirPlay.

      AirPlay lets you beam just about any video (or audio stream) to Apple TV. Sometimes developers disable it, but they can’t do this on a computer. So if you can watch it on your computer, you can beam it to Apple TV. If you don’t have a relatively new Mac, you may have to buy software to use AirPlay. The best option, AirParrot 2, costs $14.99. There are some free AirPlay utilities too. AirParrot 2 runs on Mac OS X, Windows and even ChromeOS.

  2. Is this the most recent lineup list? I did notice some channels missing, like Freeform (formerly ABC Family) for example. I have also heard that with the newly released Apple TV 4th gen, you can download additional channel apps (previously only available to your iPad or iPhone) – is this true?

    1. It is recent, except I missed Freeform, because it appears they didn’t launch it on Apple TV 2. Are you sure it launched on the older Apple TVs? I never saw it on my Apple TV 2, which I used until Dec 2015. I looked at their FAQ and they claim it is only available on Apple TV 4. I also spent several minutes on Apple’s site. It appears that they overhauled the content and no longer provide a list of Apple TV 3 channels. It’s all about Apple TV 4 now, and they provide minimal information about the older model, which they still sell.

      This article only covers Apple TV 2 and 3 channels, not Apple TV 4 tvOS apps. As far as the new model, I can’t provide a list of tvOS apps, because there are over 5000 and it increases every day. Even if I worked on it 24/7, I wouldn’t be able to keep up, and I think the App Store covers all information about it better than I could. A lot of apps even have preview videos and multiple screen shots.

      I provided this content for older Apple TV models because there are a finite number of channels, only a few were added each month and there aren’t any other good sources of information. Apple’s website had a list, but not much in the way of descriptions or screen shots. Another non-Apple site had a list, but the descriptions were short, the screenshots were bad and they stopped working on it a few years ago. I am keeping this article posted because they still sell Apple TV 3, and even when they discontinue it, some people will still be buying used ones. I have been writing a lot about Apple TV 4, and even have an unofficial manual. I do plan on writing reviews for tvOS apps — both good and bad apps. Of course, I won’t be able to review 5000+ apps.

      The thing about Apple TV 4 is that some “channels” on the older models are not yet available in the tvOS App Store. There’s now over 5000 apps available for Apple TV 4. Since it takes effort to create an app, some of the smaller content providers haven’t developed tvOS apps yet. Even Spotify doesn’t have a tvOS app yet (and they never made one for the older models).

      A lot of the tvOS apps are really lame. It’s kind of like when the App Store first launched for the iPhone. The low hanging fruit tend to be the first apps. Unfortunately, because Apple TV will never sell as well as the iPhone, I don’t expect it to appeal to developers as much as the iOS App Store. But it is true that some apps are available on the new model that aren’t on the old one. It’s also true that some channels on the older models don’t yet have corresponding tvOS apps on the new one.

      Also, the new Apple TV 4 is quite buggy. I was hoping the new tvOS 9.2 release would resolve some of these issues, but it is actually buggier. It has frozen on me a few times and I am getting even more network problems (slow connections, as though apps are not closing network connections). I am seeing the same overall problem as with my last Apple TV. They break things with updates. They are not doing regression testing. If they are, they aren’t fixing the defects. It’s pretty standard for QAT to run a full suite of regression tests with each build. They may be doing this, but just not fixing the bugs.

      I like it, but it is not the quality one would expect from Apple. After all, they’re not putting their best engineers on the Apple TV team. My last Apple TV 2 used to randomly reboot itself. After doing some research, I found that a lot of people had that problem. This one isn’t any better or worse in terms of overall quality. It looks better. Siri is useful, but it can also cause the OS to freeze. Apple’s own tvOS apps (especially iTunes TV Shows) are some of the worst apps. That’s true with iOS too. Notes, Reminders, Safari, Mail — they’re some of the worst apps in terms of quality and functionality. There are some great games. I really like Asphalt 8. These types of racing games work well with the remote, but other games are difficult to play. Apple has a policy that all apps and games must work with the Siri remote. Users can buy a game controller, but Apple’s requirement limits the type of games available on Apple TV 4.

        1. From what I understand, Freeform is only available on the new Apple TV. It’s a tvOS app. I have the new Apple TV, but this article is about the built-in channels that are available on the 2nd and 3rd generation models.

          As far as the fourth generation model, I am not writing a piece on all the available channels (content apps). There are thousands of content apps for tvOS. It simply would not be possible. The App Store is sufficient for browsing channels on the new model.

          Since Apple still sells the 3rd generation model, this article is still salient. Also, people will still hold on to their 2nd and 3rd generation models for a few years. I know quite a few people who are content with their 2nd or 3rd generation Apple TV. To be honest, most of the apps on the new Apple TV are kind of lame. The most important content channels — Netflix, HBO NOW/GO, Hulu, etc. — are all available on the 2nd and 3rd generation models.

    1. It’s possible that The Big Ten Network and CW will offer tvOS apps — apps that run on the new Apple TV 4. There doesn’t seem to be much interest in adding new channels to the older Apple TV models. There hasn’t been any additions since Apple TV 4 launched.

      You could download the BTN2Go app in the App Store and see if it will work with AirPlay. The CW also has an iOS app which could possibly support AirPlay. If the apps don’t directly support AirPlay, you can try AirPlay screen mirroring. AirPlay screen mirroring doesn’t always look good. In some cases, the developers disable screen mirroring support.

      If these workarounds don’t work, you can always try to use their websites and beam it to Apple TV using either AirPlay (on a newer Mac) or AirParrot 2 ($14.99, works on Windows, Mac, ChromeOS and Linux).

      Never underestimate the power of AirPlay! If they don’t offer a built in channel, AirPlay is often a good way to go. I use it regularly to play Spotify music on my Apple TV, because they have yet to launch a tvOS app. I found Apple Music to offer poor quality — too buggy to justify $10/mo.

  3. I hear a lot about airplay but not exactly sure how it works. Is it the same thing as “casting to the TV?” Meaning, if you want to watch something on your Apple TV, you have to first get out your phone or computer, choose something, and then watch TV? (no more sitting down with a bowl of popcorn and a remote, you kinda have to plan what you’re gonna watch?) So if your cell phone dies, you have to plug it in and charge it so you can turn it on in order to watch tv? I’m just trying to figure out the logistics to see if it is a better experience than cable tv. Thank you.

    1. On the new Apple TV, there’s the Livestream app that has live, streaming TV channels from all over the world. They have Arabic channels. I quickly glanced through the popular channels, and they had CNN Arabic. As far as the 2nd and 3rd generation models, there aren’t any Arabic channels, at least in the United States. Of course, with AirPlay, you can beam just about anything to your Apple TV from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or computer.

    1. Not as built-in Apple TV channels, but you can usually use the app or website to beam content to Apple TV with AirPlay. Keep in mind, the new Apple TV 4 just came out today. A lot of these networks will be developing apps for Apple TV now. Before Apple TV had an App Store, networks had to work closely with Apple to launch a channel. Now the process is much more open and available. I expect to see virtually every network come on board. 2016 will be the year of the cord-cutter. I cancelled cable back in 2012 and couldn’t be happier!

  4. I am considering buying either Roku or Apple TV (want to get rid of cable). Does Apple TV include live channels (not recorded stuff).

    1) For example, Roku has many live channels (same content at the same time as if you were to view the channel on cable or thru an antenna). I am interested in channels like Discovery, Discovery Kids, Disney, History, Science, and Startz.
    2) Does Apple TV have channels in Spanish? Can you change the audio (like when I view Starz on cable I can set the program to English, Spanish, subtitles, etc.).
    3) For Puerto Rico, does anyone know if Apple TV works here (some services only work in the continental USA)? If Apples works in Puerto Rico, do they offer any local news or channels?

    1. Apple TV doesn’t offer a lot of live channels, but it has some. For the most part, everything is on demand. A few channels, like CBS News, Sky News, Showtime, CBS and others do have live channels. Apple is rumored to be negotiating with the major TV and cable networks. They will be offering a live TV channel lineup. Personally, this doesn’t thrill me. I prefer on demand, as long as the show is released about the same time as it airs. With HBO NOW, I actually watch new shows before they air, because I live on the West Coast. With iTunes, I usually have to wait until the next day.

      Apple TV does offer Spanish language programming, depending on the channel or content. They have the Fusion channel, which is Latino programming. HBO offers Spanish language programming. Apple TV can handle multiple language tracks and subtitles. As long as the content provides it, Apple TV can do it.

      Unfortunately, Apple does a poor job of explaining which channels are available in Puerto Rico. They do offer a website that explains which channels are offered in different nations, but they don’t delineate between Puerto Rico and the United States. I did some research, and there is no clear explanation of what’s available for Apple TV in Puerto Rico.

      In your case, I would say go with Roku. They seem to take the Puerto Rican market seriously. Apple is just starting to take their TV platform seriously, whereas it’s all Roku does. The main reason I went with Apple TV is because it integrates with my Apple products. I can beam content from my iPhone, iPad or Mac using AirPlay, which opens up a lot of possibilities. I can browse content on my Mac directly from Apple TV. It’s a great device for people who are invested in the Apple ecosystem. In your case, Roku may be a better option.

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