Apple TV Channels by Cost

Apple TV Channels by Cost

updated by Chad Evans
July 23, 2022 at 9:34 p.m.
  • Apple TV refers both to a device and app.
  • Apple TV+ is a video subscription service, similar to Netflix and Hulu, but with less content and a lower price.
  • Apple TV Channels are niche content services offered within the Apple TV app, often with inexpensive subscription fees.
  • Anyone with an iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, Windows PC, or select smart TV can access Apple TV channels.

Apple TV Channels by Cost

The following table presents Apple TV channels ordered by cost.

Channel Cost
Moonbug Kids $1.99
Curiosity $2.99
PBS Living $2.99
ScreenPix $2.99
Tastemade $2.99
Eros Now Select $3.49
OUT TV $3.99
A&E Crime Central $4.99
Apple TV+ $4.99
BBC Select $4.99
History Vault $4.99
Lifetime Movie Club $4.99
UP faith & family $4.99
allblk $5.99
BFI Player Classics $5.99
Hallmark Movies Now $5.99
IFC Films Unlimited $5.99
Pantaya $5.99
Shudder $5.99
Topic $5.99
Acorn TV $6.99
BritBox $6.99
Sundance Now $6.99
Carnegie Hall+ $7.99
noggin $7.99
The Great Courses Signature Collection $7.99
AMC+ $8.99
Start $8.99
BET+ $9.99
Cinemax $9.99
Paramount+ $9.99
MUBI $10.99
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  1. Why would anyone actually consider this? All of this content is available for free or nominal cost through android apps?

    1. It is if you own an Apple TV 2. The newer models have an App Store with thousands of apps. It’s not possible for me to provide these kind of details on all of them.

      I wrote and maintain an article with the top 10 free and paid Apple TV apps. The “free” ones often require a subscription. (Apple considers them free if they can be installed without charging the customer.) These costs are listed in the article.

      I will be updating it shortly with January’s top 10 apps. I try to update it monthly.

  2. My wife and I are in our middle 70’s, retired, and watch a lot of TV. We currently have Comcast Xfinity with the HD Digital Preferred Triple Play Package. We record most everything that we watch so that we can fast forward through commercials. We are an Apple family (27 inch Retina iMac, MacBook Pro Laptop, 2 iPhones, 2 iPods, iPad, and a Generation 4 Apple TV).

    Our Comcast package just went off of the promotional pricing and they now want to raise our monthly outlay to around $225. Comcast does not seem to want to offer any kind of option to keep us in the $150 or below range so we are looking at becoming cord cutters.

    We currently subscribe to NetFlix’s middle package at $11 monthly. Being as we already have one Apple TV I am contemplating the following move. Downgrade my Comcast service to internet only at 25 mbps ($25 monthly). I certainly will not miss the loss of our home phone service and the dozens of daily marketing/scam calls. I would also keep the NetFlix package and add a subscription to DirecTV Now ($60 package) while taking advantage of their free 4K Apple TV offer. This would give us an additional Apple TV for the master bedroom and the DirecTV Now channel lineup covers all the channels that we now watch and then some.

    My biggest question is how do we handle the issue of recording programs. We could sign up for YouTube TV, in lieu of DirecTV Now, which offers unlimited cloud storage, however, the channel lineup with YouTube TV is much more limiting than DirecTV Now. Could you shed some light on this issue? Thank you in advance for any comments or suggestions that you may have.

    1. As it stands, DIRECTV NOW doesn’t offer a DVR. They say that a cloud based DVR is coming soon. They have said that for a year now. I wouldn’t hold my breath.

      There are a few other services you may want to try. Sling TV is affordable and pretty good. They offer very flexible packages. Sony’s PlayStation VUE is another good one. I think it is one of the best services. But they’re all missing a few channels, because Viacom is charging a premium for CBS, Comedy Central and other networks. Most of these “cable-over-the-Internet” packages can only pick one Viacom channel, usually CBS. Both Sling TV and PlayStation Vue offer DVRs.

      I recently tested and reviewed Hulu with Live TV. It’s currently in beta, and it has its share of defects. They want consumers to pay full price to beta test it. I don’t think that’s fair. I do recommend going for the free trial. They offer 50 hours of DVR storage included with the base plan, but you can expand it for an extra fee. I found the defects to be frustrating. It’s one of the more expensive services too.

      The good news is that you can try all of these services for free before you buy an Apple TV. They all work on computers, smartphones and tablets. I recommend doing this before you make a decision. But whatever you decide, most of these services don’t lock you in.

  3. I think you need to be more specific with your list. You need to segregate each service to identify the following: Requires Internet Access; Requires TV Provider; Access Limited Free Content; Access Extra Content With Subscription.

    1. All tvOS apps require an Internet connection. It is assumed that if you have an Apple TV, you have an Internet connection. You cannot download anything on Apple TV for offline viewing. Even iTunes requires an Internet connection, which differs from iOS and macOS. The other categories you mention are delineated in the list.

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