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Apple TV 4 Planned Obsolescence

This is the future of Apple TV. Hulu is launching their own skinny bundle of TV channels. This means you probably won’t have an app for each channel, which makes the 64 GB model all the more superfluous.

Apple TV 4 May Be Obsolete Soon

I really got into Apple products when I purchased my first Mac in 2009. I purchased an iPod a few years before that, but it was nothing special. I was really impressed with my Mac and I still use it today. Apple’s OS X updates kept it fresh without compromising performance. Unfortunately, this customer-friendly attitude only applies to the Mac.

Products such as the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV don’t have the same longevity as a Macintosh. These are consumer products, and Apple plays a mean trick on their customers — planned obsolescence. I learned this with my iPad 2. I bought a 64 GB iPad 2 for $699, and it was obsolete in 3 years, due to iOS updates. That’s a lot of money to spend on a device that isn’t very useful and doesn’t last a long time. It’s very well-built and still holds a full charge. They could have made it out of cheap plastic, considering how quickly it became obsolete. After iOS 8, the device was dead slow and unstable. The sad thing is, it’s the normal, expected behavior. Resetting the device and restoring iOS will result in the same pathetic and buggy experience. Apple promised improved performance with iOS 9, but it was even worse.

My first Apple TV was the second generation model. I purchased it in 2012 and used it for years. About a year before the fourth generation model was launched, my Apple TV 2 would mysteriously start rebooting itself. I checked online, and indeed, others were facing this same issue. There wasn’t any solution. Apple also stopped supporting the device. This meant that Google had no choice but to pull their YouTube channel, which required an updated data model. Apple refused to patch their second generation Apple TV with this updated data model. They hobbled their second generation TV appliance with bad updates and neglect.

If you buy an Apple TV 4, you need to take planned obsolescence into consideration. Apple won’t be supporting this product for years. At most, they will support it for four years from the release date. It was launched in late 2015, so expect it to be obsolete by late 2019. Even if you don’t want the latest features, and just want to use it for streaming video, they may very well hobble the device to the extent that it is no longer useful. This happened with my iPad 2 and Apple TV 2. It will happen with Apple TV 4. It’s all the more reason to go for the least expensive model. In fact, you can sometimes find the 32 GB model for less than $100. Radio Shack offered it for $99 and may do so again. Sling TV sells the 32 GB Apple TV 4 for $89 if you sign up for 3 months of service. This makes the 64 GB model even less appealing. It may cost more than twice as much for the 64 GB model! (continue…)

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