32 GB vs. 64 GB Apple TV 4

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This is somewhat unfortunate as it assumes that everyone has excellent Internet access. In my neighborhood, we have at least 2 major Internet outages per month. They usually happen during peak hours, when people are most likely to use Apple TV. It would be nice if one could download some movies or TV shows for a “rainy day”. You simply cannot do this on Apple TV 4. This makes the 64GB model all the more useless. You’re not going to fill up the flash drive with downloaded videos or music. Apple TV 4 is a streaming device.

In social media, people have admitted that they have or will buy the 64 GB model because they always buy the Apple device with the most storage space. This makes sense for an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It doesn’t make sense for an Apple TV. It’s simply not designed to be used offline or store video content. Apple TV 4 doesn’t operate on cellular networks. There’s no need to download content to save on cellular data costs. The 64 GB Apple TV 4 model isn’t a compelling option. I’d only recommend it if you can get it at a reduced price.

Apps Don’t Take up Much Space

tvOS apps take up very little space on Apple TV 4. The biggest apps tend to be games, as they often include graphics and other gaming data. There are also some content apps that include embedded video, such as instructional apps. The biggest app I have is only 192 MB. Most video games use less than 180 MB of storage space. A video streaming app, such as HBO NOW only uses 23 MB of space. The Comedy Central app only takes up 1 MB of free space. YouTube doesn’t even use 1 MB.

Apple limits the maximum size of apps to 200 MB. There are 1024 MB in a GB. That means, for every 1 GB of free space, you can install at least five 200 MB apps, which is the maximum size allowed. Most of my tvOS apps are less than 50 MB. Although the size of the tvOS operating system is unknown, it’s fair to assume that it’s not as big as iOS 9, which is about 1.3 GB. iTunes Movies and TV shows do have a large buffer, which can temporarily store one movie or TV show. Let’s assume that between the OS and buffer (which may be flexible), you have 24 GB of free space on a new 32 GB Apple TV 4. That’s a very conservative estimate, you probably have more free space. It’s safe to assume that one can install at least 100 apps on a 32 GB Apple TV 4. Of course, this depends on the types of apps, but even a gamer could make do with a 32 GB model. (continue…)

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  1. Thanks for the great advice
    I was unsure of why I’d need the 64 Apple TV. Now I know I don’t need it.

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