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Upcoming 2020 iPhone May Have 3D Camera

Apple’s 2020 iPhone is rumored to feature a 3D camera. This technology would allow the iPhone to map three dimensional structures.

Cameras are central to smartphone technology. We use them not only to take pictures, but also to store information, which can be transmitted virtually anywhere. With a smartphone, one can convey the equivalent of a thousand words to anyone in the world. It’s no surprise that Apple is working hard on improving camera technology with its flagship product.

The latest rumors about the new iPhone camera are starting to solidify. Reliable Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo contends that in 2020, Apple will release two new iPhones with 3D cameras. These rear-facing cameras follow the design of the True Depth camera system on the front of the current iPhone. Apple is repurposing this technology to be used at greater distances.

One can only speculate Apple’s intended features. Combined with technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, this new camera technology could be a game changer. Beyond better photos, this future iPhone will be able to map and analyze its environment far better than current models. This has applications in areas such as gaming, security and virtual reality.

This development follows a long history of camera improvements. The first iPhone had a simple 2 megapixel rear camera. It didn’t even have a front facing camera. The current iPhone boasts a 12 megapixel camera with dual lenses, in addition to an impressively complex front facing camera.

The latest rumors surface as Apple’s iPhone sales are in decline. The combination of market saturation and slower upgrade cycles have contributed to this decrease. Apple’s focus on building services has proven successful, making them less dependent on the iPhone. The popular device is still their flagship product, with the best and brightest minds tasked on its research and development.

Apple still has room to grow, particularly internationally. Every new iPhone owner can potentially subscribe to Apple services, boosting revenues. This makes the iPhone even more critical to expanding Apple’s revenues.


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