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Star Trek Comes to Netflix

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It is surprising that most Netflix subscribers are female, however, the stereotype of the male science fiction geek is obsolete. There is the recent phenomenon known as “geek chic”. Science fiction and video games are no longer the almost-exclusive domain of men. Female science fiction heroines like Seven of Nine, River Tam (Firefly), and Rose Tyler (Dr. Who) have made the formerly male-dominated genre more appealing to women. The new Battlestar Gallactica even appeals to those who tend to dislike science fiction. Starbuck is female in the new version. Classic Star Trek episodes tended to objectify women. The new science fiction heroine is empowered and intelligent.

The proof is in the pudding. Netflix subscribers must love sci-fi, because Netflix has a lot of it. Beyond Star Trek, which is a new arrival, shows such as Firefly, Dr. Who, X Files, Stargate: Universe, Battlestar Gallactica, and many more are available on Netflix.

Star Trek may even have a new life on Netflix. There is an online campaign to persuade Netflix into producing new episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise. The series was cancelled in 2004. After Netflix took on producing new episodes of Arrested Development, fans of other shows have been petitioning the streaming media service to produce new episodes of their favorite shows. There’s also a large movement to bring back Stargate: Universe. I think it would be great if Netflix could produce new episodes of Firefly. Unfortunately, Netflix said they will not bring back Firefly. Arrested Development was a rare case where the cult following grew years after the show was cancelled. Shows like Firefly tend to have a smaller, but more intense following over time. Netflix is a business. They produce shows and acquire content in order to get more subscribers. The Star Trek addition comes on the heels of the new Star Trek movie, Into Darkness. The Trek fan can only hope that Netflix will continue adding to its Star Trek collection. Only time will tell. If the content doesn’t attract subscribers, it will likely be discontinued.

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