Spotify Launches Apple TV App

Music streaming giant Spotify finally released a tvOS client. The company also improved integration with iOS.

By Chand Bellur

October 8, 2019 at 11:12 a.m. PDT

Spotify for tvOS is Finally Available

Over four years ago, Apple TV 4 launched along with the first App Store for tvOS. Spotify was notably absent in the App Store, as slow sales made the device unattractive for developers and consumers alike.

Just this week, Spotify finally released a tvOS app for Apple TV. This spares users from having to beam music from their iPhone or iPad to Apple TV using AirPlay technology. Instead, music fans can enjoy streaming Spotify directly on Apple TV, without any additional device.

The new Spotify app for tvOS offers a clean user experience, however, it isn’t as easy to use as an iPhone or iPad. For example, if you want to play a specific album on a touch screen, you tap on the play button on the album cover. With Apple TV, users must navigate the screen using the Touch surface on the Siri Remote.

Although Apple TV users may operate Spotify using voice, Siri can often misinterpret artist names. For example, the band “Gong” is often misinterpreted as “Gone”. Even more obscure artists with unconventional names always seem to stymie Siri. Given these issues, users may prefer to stick with beaming Spotify to Apple TV using AirPlay.

Spotify Adds Siri Support for iOS

Siri used to be closed off to third-party developers. After Spotify complained to the EU about this and other anti-trust issues, Apple opened up Siri to third-parties. Spotify quickly took advantage of this, adding Siri support, the lack of which hurt Spotify’s ability to compete with Apple Music. Spotify users can now play songs, albums, playlists and issue other Siri commands.

Spotify Intergrates with Data Saving Mode

Apple allowed further third-party integration in iOS 13. The new mobile operating system features a new Data Saving Mode. Similar to Low Power Mode, Data Saving Mode switches off data hogging features when activated. Spotify has taken advantage of this new feature to switch to low data mode when Data Saving Mode is activated. Users will no longer need to fiddle with settings when using cellular data.

Spotify Still Dominates Music Streaming

Without a doubt, all of these features make Spotify more appealing. The Swedish company has 100 million paid subscribers, about twice as many as Apple Music. With better iOS integration and a new tvOS app, Apple will have a much harder time competing against Spotify.

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