Roku Releases Remote App for Apple Watch

Streaming device maker Roku just released a remote app for the Apple Watch. The move makes Roku devices more attractive to Apple customers.

By Chand Bellur

November 9, 2019 at 4:41 p.m. PDT

Roku Remote App for Apple Watch

Roku launched a new app for the Apple Watch yesterday. The app allows Apple Watch users to control Roku devices directly from their wrist.

The move comes shortly after Apple launched the Apple TV app for Roku. Both companies are converging into each other’s ecosystem, as the Apple TV device faces lackluster adoption.

Roku watchOS App Features Voice Control

Perhaps the most appealing feature of Roku’s new watchOS app is the ability to use voice control. Users can tap on the voice icon and speak commands to launch Netflix, submit search criteria and perform other operations.

By providing voice control, Roku simplifies the user experience. Adding this feature to the Apple Watch may entice wearables users into purchasing a Roku device. It’s an obvious and necessary strategy in today’s app centric world.

Roku watchOS App Can Find Roku Remote

If the Roku watchOS app proves too cumbersome for everyday use, it can always help find your Roku remote. The innovative new app allows users to ping their Roku remote, making it easier to find. Once activated, the original Roku remote emits a tone, making it easier to locate.

How to Get the Roku watchOS App

Downloading and installing the Roku watchOS app is a simple and streamlined process. Like any watchOS app, first download the corresponding app on your iPhone. The app will automatically install on your Apple Watch.

Roku’s new remote app for watch OS comes at an opportune time. The fall TV lineup is underway and the holidays are just around the corner. The gee whiz factor of controlling television with a watch could entice friends and family to purchase similar products.

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