OS X Mavericks Features

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 OS X Mavericks system features

Timer Coalescing is a method of compressing CPU cycles into bigger chunks, allowing the CPU to idle. This saves power and improves battery life. Compressed Memory allows a Mac with limited memory to make better use of available resources. The feature shrinks the footprint of inactive applications. This reduces virtual memory pages, which speeds up a memory-deficient Mac. Both of these features are great for users who have low-end MacBooks with limited RAM.

The new version of OS X will automatically update apps in the background. For those who find this disruptive, it can be disabled. I prefer to update apps manually. If it’s a critical app, I need to know that the new version doesn’t introduce new or regressive bugs.

What’s Missing

We didn’t get to see any significant UI design change with Mavericks. It is expected that Mavericks will look more like iOS 7, as Jon Ive is also in charge of OS X user interface design. This will surely arrive by the time the OS debuts in the fall. At the WWDC, only a few apps were demoed. Calendar featured the iOS 7 redesign, so it’s presumed the rest of the OS will follow suit.

Mavericks does not have Siri. This is a glaring deficiency. The personal digital assistant would be a desirable addition. It is doubtful that Siri will be present in OS X Mavericks by its fall release. More likely, the voice activated assistant will be available in the next OS X release. Apple is reluctant to bite off more than they can chew. OS X releases are small and incremental, valuing stability over an abundance of new features.

Mavericks is supported on all computers that can run OS X Mountain Lion. The minimum system requirements enable Mavericks to run on: Mac Pro (early 2008), Xserve (early 2009), Mac Mini (early 2009), MacBook Air (late 2008), MacBook Pro (17″ 2007, 15″ mid 2007, 13-inch mid 2009), MacBook (13″ early 2009, 13″ aluminum late 2008), and the iMac (mid 2007). One must have Snow Leopard or greater installed in order to upgrade. Expect Mavericks to debut in the fall, probably with a different look than what was shown at the WWDC.

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