OS X 10.10 Yosemite Features

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OS X 10.10 expands on Spotlight search results. One can now obtain results from Wikipedia, news feeds, Maps, and other Internet sources. Searching for people will find related emails, documents, events, reminders and other information related to that person. Spotlight is much more useful in Yosemite. Whether you want to search the web, launch an app, or find a contact, Spotlight is great place to start.


The theme of merging iOS with OS X is consistent in OS X Yosemite. The Calendar borrows much of its design from iOS 7. Of course, with a bigger screen, Calendar for the Mac can present more information. Yosemite’s Calendar has an amazing day view, featuring a side panel with related information. If you have a meeting, it will show information such as addresses, attendees and even a map.

iCloud Drive

Most of us don’t use just one device. We have a notebook, a smart phone and maybe even a tablet. OS X 10.10 expands on iCloud to share even more information across devices. It is now possible to access documents from the iPhone or iPad, such as a SketchBook Pro project. iOS devices can also access documents on the Mac. iCloud now allows storage of any type of file. Files can be organized just like a physical drive, with folders and tags. Files stored in iCloud are synchronized across all of your devices — it even works with Windows.


Mail for OS X 10.10 has undergone a revolutionary change. It is now possible to send large attachments, up to 5 GB, directly through email. This will work even if you or your recipient’s ISP has a limit on attachments. MailDrop is like AirDrop for email. Using iCloud, large email attachments are stripped from the email, stored on iCloud, and are rejoined with the message on the recipient’s email. The process is seamless — it works just like an attachment. If the recipient isn’t using an Apple email client, they are presented with a link to download the attachment.

With Markup, intelligent graphics tools have been integrated into Mail. Users can now annotate emails with quick notes, circles, arrows and freehand graphics. Freehand drawing of an arrow will automatically render a professional-looking arrow. This also works with cartoon bubbles and other shapes. Markup’s user experience is seamless. Users don’t have to leave the message window. Markup will even work with PDFs. One can easily sign a document using an iSight camera or Magic Trackpad, without leaving the email window.


Virtually every function of Safari can be operated with the new Smart Search bar. It is still possible to display the favorites bar, however, this functionality has been moved to the Smart Search field. This is similar to Safari on iOS. When you click the Smart Search field, it will display favorites. This new, streamlined look for Safari fits in well with Yosemite’s translucent effects and simple, flat appearance.

OS X 10.10 Yosemite Safari Smart Search

Safari for OS X Yosemite also adds new sharing features. RSS subscriptions are accomplished with one click, and show up in the sidebar. One click will also share web pages with recently accessed contacts.

Dealing with multiple tabs is now easier in Safari for OS X. Yosemite borrows the birds-eye-view from iOS. It is now possible to view thumbnails of all open tabs by clicking the tab view button. Tabs from the same website are stacked together, making it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Yosemite also offers a better multimedia experience for Safari users. HTML 5 Premium Video is now supported. Major players such as Netflix are already using this technology. You no longer need to use the bloated Silverlight plugin and upgrade it every few months. This new video technology is extremely efficient. HTML 5 Premium Video will provide up to 2 hours more playback time on a MacBook. Overall, Safari is the most energy-efficient web browser. It’s a compelling reason to upgrade. With Yosemite, you will get a lot more battery life out of your MacBook. (continue…)

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