Netflix Earns 160 Emmy Nominations

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By Chand Bellur

September 5, 2020 at 7:50 p.m.

  • Streaming powerhouse Netflix picked up 160 nominations for this year’s Emmy Awards.
  • Apple TV+ gained a combined total of 11 nominations for the 2020 Emmy Awards.
  • Netflix’s Ozark earned an astounding 18 Emmy nominations; more than every Apple TV+ show combined.

Netflix Dominates Emmy Awards Again

Los Gatos based streaming giant Netflix did it again. With a remarkable 160 Emmy nominations for the 2020 Awards, Netflix once again demonstrates its passion for creating high-quality television programming.

Success doesn’t come at a low price. By the end of 2020, the video streaming company will spend over $17 billion on content. It’s not just about money. Years of experience in content creation, working with studios and production companies, and learning how the business works set Netflix apart from the pack.

The top 5 Emmy Award-winning programs from Netflix are:

  • Ozark
  • The Crown
  • Hollywood
  • Stranger Things
  • Unorthodox

For a complete list, please visit the What’s on Netflix website.

Apple Can’t Catch Up to Netflix

Apple’s original content, costing $6 billion this year, proves that you can’t just throw money around and expect success. With a third of Netflix’s expenditure, Apple only earned eleven Emmy nominations. Although Apple makes revenues from Netflix by taking a percentage of in-app purchased subscriptions, finding their own way in show business has proven elusive.

Longstanding relationships between networks and Apple seem to have eroded after talks between Eddie Cue and TV network executives fell through. Apple was already far behind Netflix and a whole cadre of “cable over the Internet” channel bundles. When Apple TV+ debuted, it was a decade late to market with little to show for it.

Apple leveraged its main advantage. With over a billion users, the company can bombard customers with free offers for Apple TV+. While this can build a subscriber base, it can’t guarantee compelling content. Apple TV+ launched with a pathetic selection of content and an apologetic $4.99 subscription fee, with generous free trials of up to a year.

Apple’s well-known penchant for generating reality distortion fields has taken over its main website. Visitors see a massive display, celebrating eleven Emmy nominations for Apple TV+. Many people won’t be able to put this in perspective, as the graphic design makes one believe Apple swept the Emmys. Undistorted, the reality is that they fared quite poorly compared to virtually every other television content provider.

AR Coming to Apple TV+?

Recent rumors suggest Apple is working on augmented reality content for its Apple TV+ service. Although this is nothing new, none of the major players in streaming video offer this. AR and VR are, for now, niche markets for early adopters.

With dwindling iPhone sales and lackluster earnings from new service-based profit centers, Apple needs a smash hit. If the iPhone maker can popularize AR content, they may just have the next smash hit. TV is enormous, and if they can get a significant piece of the action, it could salvage its services business.

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