macOS 10.14.6 Update Fixes Issue with Sleeping Macs

Mac users plagued by a coma inducing sleep mode may finally get relief. macOS 10.14.6 promises to fix this debilitating defect.

Sleep mode is essential to modern day computing. Decades ago, most computer users shut down their machines and booted them up as needed. Most desktop machines had no power saving features. When you finished computing, you shut it down.

Sleep mode is relatively new to computing. For most computer users, Windows 2000 was the first OS to offer this feature. OS X and macOS also offered the feature, however, Apple’s tight integration between hardware and software produced a more elegantly implemented feature.

Apple’s sleep mode implementation offers Safe Sleep and Power Nap. Safe Sleep keeps the machine’s state static, even during a power outage. The Power Nap feature is capable of running low energy tasks such as iCloud synchronization, while your Mac is in sleep mode. It’s like REM sleep for your Macintosh.

Given the complexity of macOS sleep technology, it’s all the more likely that something can go wrong. Mac users started reporting that their machines would not wake from sleep. Apple quickly addressed the issue with the macOS 10.14.6 update.

Your Mac will likely prompt you to install this new version of macOS. If not, one can easily update to the new version by launching System Preferences and clicking on Software Update. The update shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, depending on your Internet speed and demand on Apple’s servers.

macOS 10.14.6 doesn’t fix any security issues. If you’re not affected by the never-ending sleep issue, you can skip it. It’s best to apply the patch, however, as the issue could surface over time.

There’s no information as to whether macOS 10.14.6 has actually fixed the issue. Apple has been known to issue updates that haven’t completely fixed targeted defects. It’s rare, but it happens. Appledystopia will continue to monitor this story.

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