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Mac Pro to Be Assembled in Austin, Texas

The new, redesigned Mac Pro is the most powerful computer ever built by Apple. It will be manufactured in Austin, Texas with components from several US suppliers.

Apple Responds to Rise in US Nationalism

The growth in US nationalism is difficult terrain to navigate for large, multinational corporations. Apple is no stranger to the global economy. Most of their products are manufactured overseas with components from all over the world.

With the election of Donald Trump, American corporations are starting to capitulate to nationalistic trends. Many see Trump’s victory as the result of Democrats neglecting the rust belt. Once home to the best manufacturing jobs, states such as Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin offer mostly low paying service sector employment.

Much of the American public has also moved toward nationalism. Many on the right and left feel that American workers have been left behind. Building a computer in the United States has powerful public relations benefits for Apple.

New Mac Pro Will Be Made in Austin, Texas

Austin, the capital of Texas, is no stranger to technology. Home to the University of Texas, its residents are both highly educated and skilled. Numerous tech companies contribute to Austin’s local economy.

It’s not surprising that Apple is building the new Mac Pro in Austin. In addition to an educated workforce, taxes and costs of living are favorable compared to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Tim Cook explains how Apple has invested in American innovation:

“We believe deeply in the power of American innovation. That’s why every Apple product is designed and engineered in the US, and made up of parts from 36 states, supporting 450,000 jobs with US suppliers, and we’re going to continue growing here.”

Do Consumers Care About Made in America?

It remains to be seen whether consumers really care about “made in America”. The rational actor will just go for the cheapest product.

Research on the matter varies widely. Some polls suggest that 60% of Americans will buy a domestic product, even if it costs more. Other studies show that price is paramount.

Apple has an advantage in that only they make the Mac Pro. If you’re running a recording studio, movie studio or even a YouTube channel, there’s really no other choice.

The new Mac Pro will likely do well, regardless of where it’s made. Nonetheless, it’s good news for Austin, Texas and the United States.


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