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Lesser-Known iOS 13 Features

If you’ve seen the WWDC Keynote, you’re likely aware of the most popular iOS 13 features. Apple’s new mobile operating system has some lesser-known features that every user should know about.

Save Cellular Data with iOS 13

Low Data Mode is a new feature in iOS 13. The feature used to be bundled with Low Power Mode, but is now offered independently.

As the name suggests, Low Data Mode stops all background network activity. Features such as automatic app updates, email retrieval and background app refreshes are turned off when Low Data Mode is activated.

The feature can be turned on by tapping Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options. You can also activate this feature on WiFi networks. This can come in handy if your iOS device is tethered to a cellular hotspot. Simply tap on Settings > Wi-Fi and then tap on a network. You’ll see a Low Data Mode switch on the network’s summary screen.

Full Page Screenshots in Safari

One of the coolest, yet little-known, features in iOS 13 is the ability to take a screenshot of a full webpage. Usually, a screenshot just captures the visible screen. With iOS 13, Safari will pop up a “Full Page” option. This will capture the full web page, which comes in handy when taking screenshots of transaction confirmation pages.

Undo with Ease in iOS 13

Prior to iOS 13, undoing an action didn’t always work. Shaking the iPhone was supposed to invoke undo, however, sometimes it was a futile gesture.

With iOS 13, Apple introduces two new ways to undo actions. Users can long press the screen with three fingers to open a menu with five editing controls — Undo, Redo, Copy, Cut and Paste. Swiping three fingers to the right will also invoke the undo action.

Silence Unknown Callers

As someone who gets numerous unsolicited phone calls, this feature is highly anticipated. The new Silence Callers feature will send any unknown caller directly to voicemail.

Prior to this feature, users had to employ Do Not Disturb mode, allowing only VIPs to call. This new feature makes it much easier to stop the seemingly endless stream of telemarketers and con artists.

Consider Postponing iOS 13 Update

While all of these new features may seem exciting, iOS 13 still suffers from some rather serious defects. This isn’t unusual. As software becomes more complex and tech companies compete by cramming features into releases, the end product often lacks quality. You may want to postpone upgrading to iOS 13 until one or two patches are released.

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