iPhone XR is Best Selling Smartphone of Q3 2019

Despite the availability of newer iPhone models, customers are still opting for the iPhone XR. The high cost of smartphones may be attenuating customers’ desires for the latest and greatest device.

By Chand Bellur

December 27, 2019 at 7:52 p.m. PDT

iPhone XR Dominates World Markets in Q3 2019

Consumers have myriad smartphones to choose from. Most would say that Apple offers the best and most expensive devices, however, Samsung also makes excellent phones packed with advanced features. It turns out that consumers aren’t opting for the best smartphone on the market. Instead, they’re going for mid-range devices, such as the iPhone XR.

The iPhone XR debuted back in 2018 as a budget-friendly version of the X series. The XS and XS Max are more powerful and capable, but also more expensive. In a sense, the iPhone XR is like a high end SE. It’s Apple’s mid-range phone, perfect for those who don’t need studio-quality photographs.

The main difference between the XR and the XS is that the latter features a dual lens camera, while the former sports a single lens design. The XR features a slightly larger screen than the XS, which makes it better for content consumers (most people) rather than content producers.

According to Counterpoint Research, the iPhone XR was the world’s most popular phone in Q3 of 2019. It outsold every Apple device, as well as devices made by Samsung, LG and Google.

Mid-Range Phones are Most Popular

Couterpoint Research found that mid range phones are most popular around the globe. Most people aren’t wealthy and don’t need to take professional photographs. Furthermore, mid-range phones offer most of the features found in more expensive models.

High end smartphones usually offer better photography capabilities, with multi-lens cameras and system-on-chip image processing. Virtually all other advanced features are available on mid-range models. For example, Face ID is available on the iPhone XR. The device offers just about everything most consumers want, including a decent camera. Most consumers are unwilling to pay twice as much for a smartphone just to take better pictures.

Apple is not the only company that sells more mid-range smartphones than other models. Samsung, for example, sells more A series smartphones than their highly promoted Galaxy S10 models. Xiaomi and Huawei face similar market conditions, where consumers prefer their mid-range models.

Preference for mid-range items makes perfect sense. Most people don’t drive Porsches. Mansions are inhabited by few. At the end of the day, a mid-range device is capable of handling just about every task as its high-end counterpart. Expect to see Apple focus more on the middle, while using high-end devices to test and perfect advanced features.

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