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iPhone SE Replacement May Be Called iPhone 9

In a possibly unprecedented move, Apple may name its budget smartphone “iPhone 9”. The device is rumored to resemble the iPhone 8, but may possibly include Face ID technology.

By Chand Bellur

January 16, 2020 at 4:00 p.m. PDT

Next Budget Apple Smartphone May Be Named “iPhone 9”

Reliable rumors suggest that Apple’s next low cost smartphone will be named “iPhone 9”. This is a strange and unprecedented naming convention.

Tech companies are notorious for skipping ahead, but it’s unheard of to launch a new product with a lower version number than its significantly older predecessor. The iPhone X is over two years old now.

The iPhone 9 is expected to replace the iPhone SE as a low cost option for consumers. The device will likely be based on the iPhone 8 design, but may include Face ID capabilities. The budget smartphone may feature the same A13 Bionic processor as the iPhone 11 series.

Face ID or Touch ID?

Conflicting rumors suggest that the iPhone 9 may be dissimilar to the iPhone 8. Most notably, the iPhone 9 will likely feature Face ID and a 5.4” screen, which should produce a more compact design.

The device is also expected to conform to iPhone 11 design standards. The Apple logo will be similarly placed and the overall look and feel of the device may be more like a smaller iPhone 11 than an iPhone 8.

Expect iPhone 9 Debut in March 2020

Given Apple’s product launch history, most analysts and tech pundits believe the iPhone 9 will debut in March 2020. This is the same March event where Apple launched the low cost iPhone SE and the inexpensive, refreshed iPad.

There’s no word as to the price of Apple’s new, inexpensive iPhone. Given the iPhone 11’s low price and Apple’s need to impress investors, expect aggressive discounts on this model.


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