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64-bit Infinity Blade 3 for iPhone 5S

This isn’t marketing hype. Developers are already using it. Xcode, Apple’s development tool, makes it easy to upgrade an app to use the 64-bit architecture. One single developer upgraded Infinity Blade to 64-bit in just two hours. The iPhone 5S is backward compatible with all 32-bit apps. All of your apps will continue to work.

The new processor is two times faster than the iPhone 5’s A6 chip. Graphics performance has also doubled over its predecessor. The A7 is 40 times faster than the original iPhone processor and has 56 times better graphics performance.

The iPhone 5S introduces a new chip — the M7 motion co-processor. This chip is dedicated to detecting motion. It’s used by the Core Motion APIs in iOS 7. This new co-processor will enable a whole new world of functionality for fitness apps and gaming. Nike is already using this technology in their Nike+ Move app.

M7 motion co-processor for iPhone 5S

A Shutterbug’s Delight

The camera has undergone significant improvements. If you’re hoping for more pixels, you might be disappointed. Indeed, many smart phones feature cameras with many more pixels than the iPhone. This is a marketing tactic. Many people will compare meaningless specs, but do the photos look better?

Pixels are important to an extent. If you crowd too many small pixels in a camera, the photos do not look better. They often end up underexposed, because small pixels can’t capture as much light. The iPhone 5S has the same number of pixels as the iPhone 5 — 8 megapixels. However, they made the pixels and light sensor larger, to capture more light. There’s a new dual flash with two colors. The camera automatically mixes the two flash colors to obtain the best skin tone. The lens has a larger f/2.2 aperture, allowing more light to enter the lens.

The camera software has also been updated to take advantage of these new features. The faster processor and 64-bit architecture allow the device to rapidly process more image data. The new iPhone 5S camera will automatically adjust a variety of settings, including focus, white balance, and image stabilization, before you even take a photo. It will discretely take multiple photos and pick the best one. Burst Mode allows the photographer to take 10 photographs per second by holding down the button. The camera app will store all of the photographs, and automatically suggest the best one. A new Slo-Mo camera feature captures video at 120 frames per second. This can produce amazing action footage.

While these features seem advanced, Apple has made them accessible for the average user. Anyone can take a great photograph with the iPhone 5S. For those who desire more complexity, there are myriad camera apps that go beyond the stock Apple app. Of course, iOS 7 also introduces new features to browse photographs by locations, holidays, and other groupings. The new iPhone with iOS 7 makes it easy to take great photographs as well as manage thousands of photos.

Better Battery

iPhone 5S battery life

The new iPhone has an improved battery. Apple does a lot of market research and sets priorities. There are many smartphones with whiz-bang features, but they need to be charged every few hours. This is unacceptable for most users. If you look at market research for smart phones, battery life is extremely important. Even with the new processors, flash bulbs, and fingerprint scanner, the iPhone 5S surpasses its predecessor in battery life. (continue…)

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