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With great anticipation, the iPhone 5 was announced at today’s Apple event. The new iPhone is faster and sleeker, yet boasts a larger screen. I was right that Apple would not make the phone wider, inhibiting one handed use. It is not wider. It is also thinner than the iPhone 4/4s.

As I have mentioned, Apple are geniuses when it comes to hardware. Other manufacturers try to convince people that their smart phones are superior because they have larger screens. These devices have larger everything. Better put on your “mom jeans”. If you are like me, and carry your smart phone in your pocket, device size is very important.

Mom jeans are necessary for certain smart phones

Bigger is not better when it comes to smart phones. Apple are experts at miniaturizing technology. When tech pundits were claiming the new iPhone would be bigger, some even claiming a 5″ screen, I doubted it. That’s just not the Apple way. Every new Apple product is faster and smaller (at least in a few dimensions). The screen is bigger, but not at the expense of overall form factor, where it matters. The iPhone 5 is 0.37 inches taller than the iPhone 4, to accommodate the larger screen. However, it is 0.07 inches thinner than its predecessor. The width is the same, enabling single-handed use. As you can see, the screen takes up more of the width, leaving less bezel space. It weighs almost one ounce less than its predecessor. The screen size allows for one more row of app icons, for a total of 20, in addition to the 4 apps on the dock.

iPhone 5 size and weight compared to iPhone 4

The larger screen does beg the question of app compatibility. For most apps, this is academic. However, a video game, such as Infinity Blade, may need significant redesigning. Make sure any app you buy, especially a media or video app, will work properly on the new display.

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