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iPhone 5 Unveiled

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The iPhone 5 is another home run from Apple

Once again, Apple has hit a home run. This is expected to be the best-selling iPhone ever. Expect to see people camping out days in advance to get one.

The Specs:

The iPhone 5 boasts a new A6 processor, which is twice as fast as the iPhone 4S’s A5 chip. It supports LTE data networks, allowing for speeds that surpass most people’s home internet connections. LTE is faster than the Clear 4G WiMAX internet service I have at home. This enables FaceTime to work without a wi-fi connection. Additionally, the new iPhone supports both 2.4 and 5 GHz wi-fi, which helps prevent collision with other wi-fi devices.

iPhone 5 lightning connector

A new “lightning” connector replaces the classic Apple dock connector, which has been around for the better part of a decade. It is faster, smaller and more durable than its predecessor. You can purchase an adapter to ensure compatibility with your older devices. That said, the adapter will not make it fit snuggly in my iHome alarm clock. I expect to hear some well deserved criticism for not providing better backward compatibility with the numerous dockable accessories out there. Some of them, particularly high-end audio docks, are quite expensive. Perhaps the manufacturers will provide kits for backward compatibility.

The iPhone 5 has a new battery and more efficient hardware. Many in the blogosphere predicted this one wrong. While I did not write an article on this (I try to stay away from the “hyped predictions” thing), I did comment on several blog posts which claimed the iPhone 5 would be underpowered. Again, that’s just not the Apple way. Indeed, the iPhone 5 enables 2 more hours of 3G browsing, and 1 more hour of wi-fi browsing. One can browse the web for 8 hours on LTE, whereas the 4/4S could only do 6 hours on 3G. I wonder why pundits in the blogosphere make these predictions? It demonstrates lack of knowledge with regard to the Apple product roadmap. Apple put off LTE specifically so they could implement compact, low-power chips.

With all of these great features, will I camp out to get one? Nope. One great thing about Apple is that they do support their devices for quite a long time. iOS 6 will not only run on the iPhone 4/4S, but is also supported on the 3GS. That’s impressive. I really thought the 3GS was not going to make the cut. Since my iPhone 4 works just fine and will be updated with iOS 6, there is no good reason to replace it. Sure, it won’t be as fast as the iPhone 5. I can live with that.

I have to admit, it is nice to see Apple providing a very long life-cycle for their smart phones. Most competing smart phones are obsolete a few months after purchase, with the manufacturers refusing to provide OS upgrades. Some of them even cost more than iPhones! You have to really hate Apple to go for that. I am no fan boy. After all, I run this site, which is critical of Apple. It’s just hard to be critical of the iPhone 5. Apple has created yet another masterpiece!

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