iPhone 12 Rumored to Return to Boxy iPhone 4 Design

The new iPhone 11 models have just been released, and speculation on next year’s design has begun. The next iPhone is expected to return to a boxy iPhone 4 design.

iPhone 12 Boxy Design to Support 5G Antenna

5G cellular service is available in select US cities, but the iPhone does not support the new technology. As usual, Apple is playing it safe, waiting for mobile-friendly components to be developed. In fact, Apple recently acquired Intel’s cellular modem business, which will most likely create the next iPhone’s 5G technologies.

One challenge with 5G networks is that the antenna has different requirements. The sleek antenna lines of current iPhones may need to be replaced with a more spacious solution. Many Apple watchers suspect that the iPhone 12 will return to the iPhone 4 design. The sleek, rounded sides will be replaced with a thicker, more boxy design.

It’s doubtful that the iPhone 12 will be as thick as the iPhone 4. Newer iPhone models are physically larger than the iPhone 4. This will give antennas more surface area, without necessitating an excessively thicker design.

Ming-Chi Kuo Predicts Return to iPhone 4 Design

Reputable Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, is once again the source of the latest iPhone 12 rumor. According to Kuo:

“The metal frame and the front and rear 2/2.5D glass are still used, but the metal frame surface will be changed to a similar design to the iPhone 4, replacing the current surface design.”

The new design isn’t an exact copy of the iPhone 4. It would use new materials, making it more costly than any previous iPhone. Kuo estimates that the metal frame and glass case will cost approximately 50% more than the previous model.

iPhone 11 is a Safe Bet

Between support for 5G networks and a new design, the iPhone 12 will likely be a radical departure from its predecessor. More changes often mean more problems. If you want a reliable iPhone, buying this year’s model may be a safe bet. If you’re adventurous and dead set on adopting 5G networks, the next iPhone may be a better option.

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