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iPhone 12 May Have Largest Screen Yet

Just two months after the iPhone 11 launch, rumors are already circulating about Apple’s next smartphones. The iPhone 12 may have a larger screen size than the current model.

By Chand Bellur

November 29, 2019 at 2:40 p.m. PDT

iPhone 12 to Come in Three Sizes

The next iPhone is rumored to come in three sizes. This is not a myth or conjecture. Apple has ordered three different sizes of screens for next year’s smartphones.

Apple’s orders from suppliers reveal their intentions for next year’s iPhone models. The Cupertino company has already ordered screens in three different sizes — 5.4″, 6.1″ and 6.7″. The latter would be the biggest ever screen size on an iPhone.

Samsung and LG are to supply Apple with screens. Apple critics claim you might as well just buy a Samsung or LG smartphone, however, Apple does not order the same screens that Samsung uses in their phones. Corporations like Samsung and LG make components for other companies that sometimes go beyond what they would use in their own products. For example, Samsung used to manufacture the A-series processor, which outpaced the chips in their own devices.

When Apple orders parts from suppliers, they’re not off the rack. The parts are typically designed by Apple, to exacting standards, and manufactured by other companies.

iPhone SE 2 in 2020?

Not everyone wants a huge iPhone. For some, the iPhone is what it is — a smartphone, not a replacement for a computer. Others use their smartphones for everything, including watching movies and TV shows. Large screens make sense for these consumers, however, some just want an inexpensive iPhone that’s pocketable.

The iPhone SE was Apple’s first attempt to make a brand new, low cost iPhone. Prior to its release, Apple sold older iPhones at discounted prices. The problem is, these older devices had weak processors, meagre RAM, minuscule SSD storage and were obsolete within a few years.

Popular with lower income and international consumers, the original iPhone SE made the iconic device more accessible to markets throughout the world. Rumors suggest that the 5.4″ screen will be used for the iPhone SE 2.

We can only speculate as to what features the next iPhone SE 2 will have. It’s likely that the device will gain some technology from the iPhone X. More specifically, it will probably use Face ID and have an edge to edge screen, with a notch.

Whatever the new iPhone SE looks like, it will likely sell well. This may help Apple with declining iPhone sales. If Apple can maintain iPhone sales and grow services, 2020 will likely be another great year for Cupertino.


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