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iPhone 11 Rumors

The iPhone 11 launch is just around the corner. This article presents the most likely features in Apple’s next iPhone.

An iPhone launch is always preceded by a wave of speculation. Long before die hard Apple fanatics camp out in front of Apple stores, tech bloggers unleash fantastic visions of the next iPhone. Most of these rumors are incorrect, however, as we approach the next Apple event, they become more accurate.

The iPhone 11 is expected to follow a similar product lineup as the last set of devices. An iPhone 11 and 11 Max as well as 11R versions are likely.

The new iPhone 11 is rumored to have a similar camera configuration as its predecessor, with an additional lens and the same square camera bump. The 11 and 11 Max versions could feature an ultra wide angle sensor. This technology offers a wider depth of field and can shoot extended exposures without image distortion.

Apple’s next iPhone won’t have 5G cellular connectivity. You’ll have to wait until 2020 for that. Apple recently acquired Intel’s wireless modem business. This may speed up adoption of future cellular standards.

The new iPhone will likely feature an A13 bionic chip. The new processor, manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor, is a 7 nanometer chip, like the A12. The iPhone’s new processor will, of course, be faster, and offer better neural engine functionality.

There’s some speculation that the iPhone 11 won’t have a visible notch. It’s more likely that the notch will be smaller than its predecessor.

3D Touch may be eliminated in the next iPhone design. There’s some speculation that this feature will be replaced by Haptic Touch or something even more advanced. In either event, Apple views 3D Touch as a bad design decision. It’s expensive to implement and adds little value to the product.

The next iPhone won’t differ much from 2018 models. This is actually beneficial for people who value reliability and stability. Radical redesigns often introduce more defects than less ambitious updates. If you already have an iPhone XS or XR, you may want to wait until 2020. If not, this next round of iPhones seem like a safe and reliable upgrade.


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