iPadOS Available to the General Public September 30

iPadOS, the first operating system developed specifically for the iPad, will soon be available to the public. If your device is mission critical, it’s best to postpone the update until the next version.

iPadOS Final Release Available September 30

After a year of development and testing, the first public release of iPadOS is scheduled to release on September 30, 2019. The new operating system is specifically designed for the iPad.

Most notably, Apple’s redesigned tablet operating system uses new gestures and offers a fully featured browser. It brings the iPad closer to a full computer, but it’s still lacking some features. We can’t expect Apple to turn the iPad into a Macintosh replacement.

How to Install iPadOS

iPad users can install the new operating system by tapping on Settings > General > Software Update. The Software Update screen appears. Tap on Download and Install to begin installing iPadOS.

If your iPad has less than 50% battery charge, you’ll need to plug it into a charger to complete the update. For those running the update without a charger, make sure to set Auto-Lock to Never (Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock).

Major versions of operating systems take longer to download and install than intermediate patches. Expect iPadOS to take up to an hour to install.

Once the update process is started, iOS will download the iPadOS installation. You will be prompted to start the installation. If you don’t respond, iPadOS will install automatically.

Install iPadOS Overnight

If you’re too busy to install iPadOS during the day, you can automatically install it over night. Simply tap on Settings > General > Software Update and turn on Automatic Updates.

With Automatic Updates turned on, your iPad will install the software update in the early hours of the morning. Just make sure it’s plugged into the charger and connected to WiFi.

Postpone iPadOS Update Until Next Version

iPadOS is a major change to the iPad’s operating system. It’s not just rebranded. The new operating system introduces a lot of dramatic changes to the previous iOS codebase. More changes introduce more defects.

If your iPad is a mission critical device, you should postpone the update until there’s a solid release. Even if your iPad is an entertainment device, defects can be frustrating. Unless you’re an avid early adopter, it’s probably best to skip iPadOS until the next version.

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