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iOS 9 Maps

Maps Offers More in iOS 9

Maps is the most defamed and controversial Apple product. Reputable publications such as Consumer Reports, NBC News and the San Jose Mercury News found Maps to be adequate and competent the day it launched. I have also used Maps and never experienced problems. In fact, I find more points of interest than with any other mapping app.

I find the people who attack Maps the most have never used it. There was a huge smear campaign of Apple haters creating accounts on the Apple Support Forum and posing as Maps users. It was clear that most of these people never used Maps or even owned an Apple device. Studies involving thousands of routes have found Maps to be competent and, shortly after launch, was only slightly less accurate than the competition. Since Maps has launched, Apple invested a lot in improving Maps, including “boots on the ground” to ensure accuracy. After almost three years, Maps has improved. The majority of Apple customers use Maps even though they have a choice of many different mapping apps.

Nonetheless, the blogosphere and tech media, which leans toward creating comment-generating controversy, took a big dump on Maps. The new, manufactured reality is that Maps was a failure and is still inferior. Comedy programs such as The Daily Show, Silicon Valley and late night talk shows have added to this phenomenon. They just won’t let it go. At this year’s WWDC, Apple presented that Maps is used 3.5 times more than any other mapping app on iOS. If Maps really misdirects people, they would be going for other options.

iOS 9 adds support for public transportation directions in Maps. This is a necessity as more people rely on public transportation.

iOS 9 Maps Transit

Maps can now create a full route for pedestrians who take public transportation. Unified in one display, travelers can see where to walk and which bus, train or ferry to take.

iOS 9 Maps departure times

Apple invested in hiring people to analyze major public transportation hubs. This information is integrated into Maps so that it can even suggest which exit to take out of the subway. This is a problem I have faced a few times in San Francisco.

iOS 9 Maps subway exit

Nearby points of interest can be found by type, simply by tapping the Nearby button. Upon selecting a location, Maps can even show if the point of interest accepts ApplePay.

News Offers a Better Way to Stay Informed

iOS 9 News

Let’s face it. The Internet is full of misinformation. Anyone can publish a web page and even some major publications eschew fact checking in their online content. I often read web-based news and find it to be riddled with inaccuracies, misinformation, poor grammar and even spelling mistakes. It’s all about churning out a high quantity of content and engaging users by generating controversy. Bloggers exploit the Android vs. iOS fanboy wars to boost comments and engagements. It’s a cheap trick.

The iOS 9 News app addresses this reality by providing users with a new experience. Instead of relying on the just the web for content, News offers professional magazines and newspapers a new unified forum for publication. You can read news from major publications, such as the New York Times, Wired, ESPN, the Atlantic and other reputable providers.

iOS 9 News publications

Of course, blogs and web sites will also be accessible with News. (continue…)

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