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Predictive Text Keyboard

iOS has been lagging behind when it comes to keyboards. For some time, Android has outshined iOS when it comes to keyboards and customization. It still does. Apple focused on dictation and Siri, hoping people would use their voice instead of their fingers. Many people still prefer using a keyboard.

iOS 8 introduces a predictive text keyboard. As the user types, the system analyzes both the reply and the original message. It can offer intelligent suggestions. It can even tailor the formality of suggestions. If you are typing to a work colleague, it will offer formal suggestions. When communicating with an informal participant, the predictive text keyboard will offer more colloquial responses.

iOS 8 predictive text keyboard

The new predictive text keyboard works with several languages. It remains to be seen if this will be a popular new feature. Searching the web for predictive text produces pages of results with people asking how to turn off the feature on other mobile devices. Indeed, the top search results indicate how unpopular predictive text keyboards are. Perhaps Apple’s take on this technology will have greater acceptance. Apple might not be the first to introduce a predictive text keyboard, but they tend to refine and improve these technologies.


iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 Yosemite introduce a concept known as “Continuity”. If you are working on a document or browsing the web on your Mac, you can seamlessly continue this activity on your iPhone or iPad. Users can swipe up from the lock screen to reveal the document or web page that was accessed on their Mac. This also works between the iPad and iPhone. Continuity builds on the seamless experience of iCloud apps like iWork, Reminders, Notes, and Calendar.

iOS 8 continuity


iOS 8 makes messaging even easier to use. Apple has added innovative thread management features. Threads can now be named and put into “do not disturb mode”. Additionally, users can leave a thread and add and remove people from a specific thread. These features will make it much easier to deal with long running message threads.

Messaging has come a long way since people started texting on their cell phones several years ago. Apple has made it much easier to share photos, videos and voice messages within the Messages app. One can easily reply to a message with a voice recording by simply holding a finger down on the record button. Videos and photos can be sent as messages with similar convenience. (continue…)

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