iOS 8 Features

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iOS 8 features

Apple unveiled iOS 8 at their annual Worldwide Developers Conference. iOS 8 brings many new features and offers greater customization for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users.

Just when you thought Apple was losing its luster and couldn’t innovate, they unveiled iOS 8. After the sweeping changes in iOS 7 one might assume that iOS 8 wouldn’t have much to offer. Apple didn’t rest on their laurels, however. iOS 8 packs many useful features and offers customization through Extensions. This new architecture allows third-party developers to communicate and integrate with other apps while maintaining security. iOS 8 is more open and extensible, allowing developers to create better apps. Let’s take a look at some of the major features of iOS 8 and what developers will be able to offer iOS users.

Notification Center

iOS 8 expands on Notification Center, making it more useful and convenient. Notifications are now completely interactive. If you get a message, you can reply within the notification. This also works with emails and calendar events — even from the lock screen. If you are in an app and a notification slides down, you can reply directly from the notification panel. This makes iOS 8 even easier to use.

iOS 8 Notification Center

Contacts on Multitasking View

When you double tap the home button to reveal the multitasking view, you’ll notice something new in iOS 8 — contacts. The new operating system will show your contacts on the multitasking display. Tapping on a contact presents the user with communication options such as Phone, iMessage, FaceTime, and other tools.

iOS 8 multitasking view with contacts

iOS 8 Safari

Safari gets a makeover with every major iOS release, and iOS 8 is no exception. Safari for the iPad has quite a few changes in the new release. First and foremost, it now has the same tab view as the iPhone. This new view, introduced to the iPhone in iOS 7, makes it easy to browse tabs by flipping through thumbnails of web pages. It is both useful and a pleasure to use. Safari for the iPad will also have a new sidebar in iOS 8, featuring bookmarks, the reading list and shared links.

iOS 8 Safari for iPad tab view

Mail Adds New Gestures in iOS 8

Mail for iOS enabled a few gestures in previous releases. iOS 8 builds on these gestures, adding more functionality. Users can manage the state of an email message by swiping in different directions. One can mark an email as unread, flag it, or delete it, with just a few swipes.

iOS 8 Mail gestures

One of the best new features is the ability to access other emails while composing an email. Simply swipe the email message down and use Mail to open other emails. This comes in handy if you need to look up information or copy content from another email.

Spotlight Finds More in iOS 8

Spotlight is one of the most useful features of iOS. I use it all the time, mostly to launch apps. With iOS 7, Apple made it easier to launch Spotlight by swiping down from any home screen. In iOS 8, Spotlight can search for apps in the App Store, find points of interest, news, restaurants and songs on iTunes. (continue…)

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