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iCloud Keychain is a new security feature. It stores your user IDs, passwords, and credit card information. It can even offer suggestions for ultra-secure passwords. The authentication works with Apple’s stores, as well as websites and in-app purchases. Your credentials are supported across all of your Apple devices.

Activation lock is a new feature aimed at preventing device theft. If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is stolen, the device cannot be re-activated. Even if the thief resets the device, they will need to login with your Apple ID in order to activate it. Law enforcement officials have been requesting this feature recently, as mobile device theft is on the rise. Apple has delivered.


Safari for iOS 7 has undergone major improvements. The new user interface for browsing tabs is impressive. It appears as though one is looking down at files in a filing cabinet, although they’re spaced out. It is not skeuomorphic, but provides a handy way to flip through opened tabs. As with Safari for iOS 6, you can open as many tabs as you desire.

Safari also introduces a new smart search feature. Favorites are now included in the results, making it easier to navigate to frequented websites. As with other iOS 7 apps, one can navigate back and forth through web pages by swiping the edge, which is similar to Safari on OS X.


AirDrop is new to iOS, but was introduced in OS X Lion. The feature allows for peer-to-peer file sharing. This feature is exposed by an API, allowing virtually any app to support AirDrop. The user opens the “share sheet” and can select multiple users to share with. The target user will see a panel pop up on their screen, asking if they would like to accept the shared resource. All of this is completed without the need to tap devices together. AirDrop works over Bluetooth and wi-fi.

Camera and Photos

The stock camera in iOS 7 introduces some new features that are encapsulated as individual cameras: video, panorama, still and square. The cameras can now be launched from Control Center, providing easy access. iOS 6 introduced camera access from the lock screen, which is still available. There are a plethora of third-party apps for those who desire more advanced or gimmicky camera features.

The Photos app introduces Collections, Moments, and Years. These new features group photographs based on tagged information, such as time and location. Photos also introduces a new interface where you can “scrub” through a tiles of small thumbnails. This is essential for people who have large photo libraries. You can also share your photos on iCloud. This feature already exists in iOS 6, but has been enhanced with more social networking functionality. (continue…)

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