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I see the same iOS 7 to Android screenshot comparisons on many tech sites. It’s pathetic, but it gets page views. If we, as consumers of Internet content, simply ignore these sites, they will all just go away. Internet publishers have an incentive to publish divisive trash because it gets page views and comments. The ones who profit from the “fanboy wars” are divisive Internet publishers. If you don’t like iOS 7, don’t use it. It’s that simple. There are other options.

New Features:

Control Center

System settings are now much easier to access. iOS 7 introduces Control Center. This translucent panel slides up from the bottom of the screen, exposing the most commonly accessed settings. From this screen, users can toggle airplane mode, bluetooth, orientation lock and do not disturb mode, as well as accessing wi-fi settings. Control Center also features brightness, media, AirPlay and AirDrop controls. Additionally, one can access the compass, calculator, camera and even turn on the LED light (camera flash bulb) with one tap. iOS 7 makes your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch even easier to use. Control Center expands on the system controls offered in the “linen tray” of previous iOS releases.

iOS 7 Control Center

Notification Center

iOS 7 introduces a cleaner look for Notification Center. Users can now filter today’s and missed notifications. Notification Center now works on the lock screen. iOS 6 does have notifications on the lock screen, but not the complete Notification Center. Notification Center features integrated views of the weather app and stock app. Both apps have also been updated. The weather app shows some impressive animations of weather conditions.

iOS 7 Notification Center


The ability to do many things at once, without draining the battery and slowing the user experience, has been expanded in iOS 7. There’s a new interface for switching between apps, which does borrow heavily from the webOS “cards” user interface. Unlike webOS, iOS doesn’t freeze. After all, there’s more to an operating system than the UI.

iOS 7 Multitasking

Beyond the new interface, iOS Multitasking analyzes your usage patterns and gives background cycles to apps that you frequently use. If you use Facebook a lot, iOS 7 will recognize this and update content even when you’re not using the app.

Opportunistic updates are a new feature. When you unlock your device, if you have enough network bandwidth, iOS will update apps in the background. I don’t like this feature. I’d like to decide which apps I update. The App Store does provide quality assurance for releases, however, sometimes an update can be worse than the existing app. For critical apps, one should research whether the new version is stable and reliable. It’s likely that one will be able to toggle this feature, much like with auto-downloads from the iTunes Store. (continue…)

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