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This site has been somewhat critical of Apple’s audio quality, but this only pertains to playing music on Apple TV. To be fair, Apple TV is an inexpensive device and something that Apple considers a hobby. It has improved greatly, but still has its quirks. iOS, however, can produce professional quality audio. Many professional musicians are using iOS devices to make music.

iOS 7 takes an idea from a third-party company, Audiobus, and expands it greatly. Audiobus allows a user to route audio through a variety of apps. You can have a drum machine app that routes audio to an effects app, which in turn is routed to a recording app.

iOS 7 adds a feature much like Audiobus, but with deeper OS integration and more functionality. For example, a musician can use MIDI to control the audio stream. This takes the control out of the iOS device and opens it up to a variety of devices.  Apps can function as small audio plugins, and these plugins will proliferate in the AppStore. iOS already has so many possibilities when it comes to creating music. Now this universe has expanded. Expect to not only see many great apps that take advantage of this feature, but also more professional musicians using iOS devices. There’s a great site for those interested in making music with iOS — iOS Musician.


iOS 7 introduces an API for handling 60 fps (frames per second) video capture. Apps will also be able to control aspects of the camera, such as zoom level. Furthermore, multiple video tracks can be combined using the compositing APIs. Expect to see some high-end, professional video apps. With these new capabilities, professional film and tv production can be achieved without a Mac. Of course, a Mac can do a whole lot more, especially considering the new 4K video format.

These new iOS capabilities will be seen on a big screen or small screen near you. I also expect some fun apps to come out of this, such as games or novelty video apps. With the compositing API, an app could allow anyone to create a music video, much like the booths at malls or theme parks.


The new multitasking capabilities in iOS 7 enable apps to continually update content without being launched. The operating system analyzes usage patterns and delegates background cycles to apps that are commonly used. Expect to see this used in news and social networking apps. Now you can keep up-to-date, without even launching the app.

iOS 7’s redesigned UI has captured the spotlight. Many writers tend to focus on what they can see. iOS 7 is more than a user interface overhaul. It has the most new APIs of any iOS release to date. This is a huge leap forward. If you don’t like what Apple has to offer, there will be a hundreds of thousands of third-party apps taking advantage of these new programming interfaces. Apple doesn’t always make the best apps, but they make the technology which enables others to achieve peerless results.

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