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iOS 14 to Focus on Bug Fixes, Performance and Stability

iOS 13 has turned out to be a disastrous release for Apple. Just two months after its debut, Apple pledges to make iOS 14 a solid, stable and responsive release.

By Chand Bellur

November 25, 2019 at 1:05 p.m. PDT

iOS 13 Defective Release for Apple

Apple is known for releasing high quality products. Unlike their competitors, Apple products are used by hundreds of millions of customers. For example, iOS 13 has been installed by hundreds of millions of devices, while the competing mobile operating system has a mostly legacy user base.

With a reputation for quality and myriad users, sloppy releases are met with outrage. iOS 13 has gone through ten updates since it debuted only two months ago. Users frustrated with defects have taken their grievances online. This is bad publicity for Apple. The only way to fix this is to improve testing, cut back on features and focus on quality.

Apple Changing Software Testing in iOS 14

Software quality has deteriorated over the past few years. As the Silicon Valley economy flourishes, companies such as Apple fail to attract the best and brightest engineers. Truly talented developers create their own businesses or work at startups that can offer pre-IPO equity. With a nice salary and overpriced options, Silicon Valley residents can still barely afford a studio apartment.

Unable to woo the best developers, Apple’s quality has suffered. Until the next recession, Apple won’t be able to hire better talent. Instead, they’re changing the way they test software.

Apple announced that updates to iOS and macOS beta versions will have dynamically switchable features. Any new features can be turned on or off, which will help determine the impact of a software change.

It should be mentioned that Google and Microsoft already employ this practice. In other words, don’t get your hopes up. Microsoft makes some of the buggiest products on the planet.

The most recent update of Windows 10 has disabled my printer and no amount of time-consuming fiddling has been able to fix it. It will be replaced with an iMac in a few weeks. The media fooled me, but after a year of using Windows 10, it simply wastes too much of my time with fiddling. It just doesn’t work and needs constant attention, unlike a Macintosh.

To put things in perspective, you can do much worse than Apple. I’m bouncing documents from Windows 10 to an iPad to print. All of my Apple products print without any configuration effort. It just works. As bad as iOS 13 is, there’s really no better alternative. Software quality won’t improve until the next recession.

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