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iOS 13 to Be Released in Mid September

iOS 13 is the next version of Apple’s popular mobile operating system. Based on past release dates, it’s expected to be released in mid September.

Apple releases a new version of iOS every year. Each new version is crammed with features, as the Cupertino company struggles to compete with the Android ecosystem.

Based on past release dates, it’s expected that iOS 13 will launch shortly after the iPhone Apple Event. The keynote is expected to be held on Tuesday, September 10, 2019. This means that iOS 13 will likely be released shortly after the event. A possible release date could be Thursday, September 12th, as they want to avoid September 11th.

Launching too close to the weekend is also a problem, as it forces Apple employees to work on Saturday and Sunday if there are problems with the release. Apple’s leadership may not be superstitious, but they may feel launching iOS 13 on Friday the 13th could have users postponing the software update.

It’s likely that Apple will postpone the release until Monday September 16th. This seems to fit with past releases, such as iOS 10 through iOS 12.

The new operating system comes with many bold, new enhancements. Dark mode will finally bring iOS in line with macOS and Apple TV. I use dark mode on both of these devices, and have been longing for it on iOS.

Maps is getting some new useful features in iOS 13. The new Look Around feature finally gives users something similar to Street View in Google Maps. One can enjoy a 360°, immersive 3D experience. This feature is very useful for finding landmarks while navigating, particularly in large, dense, urban environments.

iOS 13 brings many other new features. Each new feature introduces the possibility for defects. Although many people download iOS 13 the day it is released, it may not be the best course of action. Often, it’s best to wait a few days. Let the early adopters test the release.

With Apple, even the smallest flaw will be overblown by the media. If there’s a problem, big or small, you will find out about it. That said, it’s often best to wait for the second release before installing a new major version of iOS.


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