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iOS 13 Plagues iPhone with Dropped Calls

published by Chand Bellur
October 20, 2019 at 1:06 p.m. PST

iOS 13 has proven to be an unlucky release for some iPhone users. Apple’s newest mobile operating system causes the iPhone to drop calls.

iOS 13 Introduced Dropped Call Defect

iOS 13 has truly been an unlucky release for Apple. Plagued with defects, angry iPhone users have taken to Twitter and the Apple Support Forum with complaints about dropped calls.

Reading qualitative data, it’s clear that the dropped calls have little to do with poor reception. Many of the afflicted have excellent cellular signal strength on their devices, yet their calls are being dropped.

All signs point to this being a problem with the iOS 13 release. Unfortunately, Apple didn’t manage to fix this problem after 4 software patches.

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iOS 13.1.2 Made Dropped Call Issue Worse

While Apple has been busy fixing defects, sometimes changes can make other problems worse. This is the case with iOS 13.1.2, which made dropped calls much more frequent for some users. It’s gotten to the point that people who rely on their iPhone for business are considering other options.

Apple has remained silent about the issue. This is routine for the tight-lipped Cupertino company.

Apple Did Not Fix Dropped Call Issue in iOS 13.1.3

Adding to users frustrations, the most recent iOS 13.1.3 patch does not fix the issue with dropped calls. Once again, Apple has not acknowledged the issue in its release notes.

Apple’s newest iOS release does fix a slew of defects. If anything, it’s a testament to the defective nature of this release. After 4 rounds of bug fixes, severe issues, such as dropped calls, are not being addressed. This may be due to the complexity of the issue. It seems to be a rare edge case, affecting few users.

How Many Users Are Affected by Dropped Calls?

While the actual number is unclear, it’s obvious that the issue with dropped calls affects few users. There are about one billion iOS users. Half of them have upgraded to iOS 13. Judging by the number of Tweets and Apple Support Forum posts, this issue affects very few users. With approximately 500 million iOS 13 users, dozens of Tweets and a few pages of Support Forum issues indicates that few are affected by dropped calls.

This may be why Apple is having a hard time fixing this issue. It seems to be an edge case, affecting few users. Most likely, some third-party software is causing the issue. This may be why Apple missed it both in QAT and beta testing. Only a widespread release will find such rare defects. Once found, they’re not that easy to fix.

How to Temporarily Fix iOS 13 Dropped Calls

Some users have had success dealing with the dropped calls issue, and have shared this with the public. For some, toggling Airplane Mode seems to solve the problem. This can be done by sliding up a finger from the bottom of the screen to display Control Center. From here, tap on the Airplane Mode icon. Wait a moment and then tap on it again. This has the effect of toggling cellular connectivity, which seems to temporarily ameliorate the issue.

Other users have gone so far as to restart their iPhone. They claim that toggling Airplane Mode is not enough.

Don’t Upgrade to iOS 13

Suffice it to say, if you haven’t upgraded to iOS 13 yet, it’s best to postpone this software update. Beyond dropped calls, iOS 13 is still plagued with defects. If you’re an early adopter and love dealing with bleeding edge technology, upgrading to iOS 13 may be for you. For those who rely on their iPhone for work and life, it’s best to stick with iOS 12 for now.

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