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iOS 13 Brings Dark Mode to the iPhone and iPod Touch

Dark Mode has been a fixture in macOS and Apple TV for years. Apple finally brings this technology to the iPhone and iPod touch with iOS 13.

When it’s late at night and the lights are low, the last thing anyone wants is a bright, white screen. While Night Shift has toned down the brightness, iOS was always missing something its sibling operating systems enjoyed — Dark Mode.

With iOS 13, Apple is finally bringing Dark Mode to its popular mobile operating system. It’s unclear why the tech company postponed Dark Mode for iOS for so long. Even tvOS, one of the lowest priorities for Apple, has had Dark Mode for a few years now. macOS users have also enjoyed Dark Mode for some time.

Dark Mode modifies the user interface such that screens use dark colors instead of brighter shades. It’s useful if you’re working in the dark and don’t want additional eye strain. Some users, like me, favor the aesthetic of darker user interfaces. I tend to use Dark Mode all the time.

Energy conservation is yet another small benefit of Dark Mode. iOS devices are battery powered. There’s actually a lot of research about how dark energy schemes save energy. If your Apple device uses an OLED display, Dark Mode will actually save a lot of energy, providing more usage per charge. Less battery charge and fewer charge cycles will keep your battery in top shape. Indeed, Dark Mode can save energy, time and money.

Not every iPhone uses an OLED display, and this is not a requirement for using Dark Mode. Using the feature with an OLED display will reduce draw on the battery. iPhones with OLED displays include the iPhone X, XS and XS Max. It’s expected that newer iPhones will also use OLED technology. All older iPhones use LCD displays. These older displays don’t conserve energy in Dark Mode, however, the aesthetic and ergonomic benefits still apply.

iOS 13 is expected to launch in mid September. Dark Mode is just one of many new features that make this a compelling upgrade.


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