iOS 13.1 May Decrease iPhone 11 Wireless Charging Performance

The iOS 13.1 update throttled wattage for some wireless chargers. Apple contends that the change was necessary to enforce new standards and protect customers.

By Chand Bellur

October 7, 2019 at 10:27 a.m. PDT

Chargerlab Discovers Wireless Charger Throttling

Website ran a series of tests on iPhone 11 wireless charging. Before the iOS 13.1 update, wireless chargers rated at 7.5 watts functioned normally. After the update, however, some chargers were throttled down to 5 watts. Apple’s software update limits charging power for some models of wireless charger. This change is by design and not a defect. These chargers are still capped at 5 watts after the most recent iOS 13.1.2 release.

Affected Chargers and Devices

So far, this change only affects iPhone 11 models. Older iPhones charge wirelessly at a lower wattage, eliminating the need to decrease power.

Any wireless charger that’s not sold in the Apple Store will likely be affected by Apple’s wireless charging wattage cap. If you’re in the market for a wireless charger, it’s best to go to an Apple Store or order one online from Apple. You can also browse Apple’s website for a fully compatible wireless charger and purchase it elsewhere, for less.

Apple Reduced Wattage on Chargers Not Supporting Latest Qi Standards

Apple defends the move as a consumer protection initiative. Website Apple Insider discovered from a source that Apple requires third party wireless chargers to be compliant with Qi standards:

“Any vendors who are fully compliant with the Qi charging spec and all of our guidance will see 7.5W charging”

It’s unclear weather companies must participate in Apple’s “Made for iOS” (MFi) program for full wattage charging to be supported. Affected companies claim their chargers actually do meet Qi standards.

Apple has been quiet on this issue, however, the move may upset customers. Adopters of wireless charging tend to be tech savvy and have high standards. Apple’s competitors offer wireless charging at up to 15 watts, which may sway some iPhone users to other devices.

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