How to Watch the September 10 Apple Event

Apple’s upcoming iPhone event will be held in Cupertino for a limited audience. Viewers around the world can watch the live event using Apple products or YouTube.

Apple Events often take on the grandeur of star-studded award ceremonies. After all, this is when the next Apple products are unveiled. The events are quite lavish, with star-studded videos and live performances from major artists.

Few people are able to attend the live Apple event. Although it is now held in a large auditorium in Apple’s new Cupertino “spaceship” campus, attendance is mostly limited to employees and the media.

Apple has been live streaming their events for several years. Virtually every device in the Apple ecosystem can access the live steam through multiple technologies.

This year, the Cupertino tech giant will be streaming the event live on YouTube. Simply open the YouTube app and connect to the Apple YouTube channel. You can also find the live Apple event using YouTube’s built-in search functionality.

If you own an Apple TV, the Apple Events app provides the simplest method of watching the keynote. Simply download and launch the app, and the live keynote address is right there.

For all other devices, Apple is hosting the live stream on their website. Just point the browser on your computer, tablet or smartphone to the Apple Events page.

Apple’s next iPhone event will be held on September 10, 2019, commencing at 10 a.m. PDT. The events usually run just under two hours.

The Apple event typically opens with a short video and then Tim Cook’s opening statement. From there, various products are announced, with the iPhone usually unveiled last. Of course, there’s always the possibility for “just one more thing”. Some analysts expect Apple to announce upcoming augmented reality glasses.

Whatever Apple announces, it’s mostly predictable with the possibility of something astonishing. The rumors and leaks are usually accurate, as it’s too difficult to conceal such large-scale product development. Nonetheless, Apple events are peerless, entertaining and worth watching.

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