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Eufy Offers Cheaper and Better AirTag Alternative

Eufy Offers Cheaper and Better AirTag Alternative

Eufy SmartTrack Link Item Tracker
image credit: Eufy

published by Rachel Gold
November 8, 2022 at 1:38 p.m.

Eufy, a subsidiary of Anker, recently launched new item trackers with Apple “Find My” compatibility. Owners of the new Eufy SmartTrack Link trackers can add their tag to the iOS Find My app to locate items anywhere in the world. Unlike AirTags, the new SmartTrack Link tags work with Android devices.

Item trackers, such as Tile, AirTag, and now SmartTrack Link, employ Bluetooth to anonymously transmit their location to nearby devices, such as smartphones. If you place one of these locatable tags in your wallet or purse and happen to lose it, your tracker will use Bluetooth to transmit its location to nearby compatible devices.

Employing a network of smartphones, tracking devices anonymously upload your tag’s location to a central data source. The Find My app (or something similar) locates your tagged item based on anonymously sourced data. Only the tag owner knows the item’s location, even though random strangers’ phones found it. Once you get close, your smartphone and tag connect, offering pinpoint location accuracy.

Item trackers work best when supported by an extensive network. Tile was one of the first item trackers; however, it never had the expansive network that Apple offered. Only users of the Tile app could locate other Tile tags. Apple’s use of its Find My network, with over a billion devices, gave the AirTag a massive advantage.

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The SmartTrack Link does more than Apple’s tracker for much less money. Thanks to interoperability with Apple’s Find My network, Eufy created a better and cheaper tracker than the AirTag. Given that over a billion devices can locate a SmartTrack Link, its tracking capabilities are on par with the AirTag. It’s actually certified by Apple for use with the Find My app.

If you’ve ever misplaced your muted iPhone, you may know it’s a daunting task to find it. Although it’s possible to do this through Apple’s iCloud website, the SmartTrack Link tag offers a more streamlined process. Simply double-tap a tag paired with your iPhone, and your phone will ring, even if it’s silenced. It works both ways! Eufy’s product is much more helpful, as using the iCloud website requires another device, which you might not have.

SmartTrack Link Can Make Your Silent iPhone Ring
image credit: Eufy

Eufy’s new item tracker brings some basic enhancements too. Its speaker is much louder than the AirTag’s, making it easier to locate items, even if they’re in a closet, purse, pocket, or couch crevice.

One of the most requested AirTag features is to allow family members to track your items. For example, if you put a tag in your son’s backpack, both parents should be able to track it. Apple’s solution is for the parents to buy two AirTags. Eufy allows users to share tracking information, making it much simpler to find children, pets, and shared items such as automobiles.

There are some valuable features Apple’s tracker has that Eufy’s does not. For one, the AirTag fully integrates with Siri. Since Apple opened Siri to third-party developers, I expect the SmartTrack Link offer similar Siri support.

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The AirTag also offers a more straightforward setup. Much like AirPods and Beats headphones, Apple’s tracker integrates seamlessly into iOS. It’s paired with one tap, something that Eufy’s product can’t offer.

AirTag Offers Easy Setup
image credit: Apple

Apple’s gadget offers some protection against stalkers. If someone puts their AirTag in your purse or wallet, it will eventually sound an alarm. Apple designed this feature so well it isn’t affected by crowds of AirTags, such as at a concert or on the subway.

Both trackers enable users to share contact information through the tag, just in case a good samaritan finds your valuable item. Eufy’s product uses a QR code, which works on various devices. With AirTag, one must have an NFC-compatible smartphone to get the tag’s contact information. With both trackers, users can choose how much of their contact information is shared through the tag.

SmartTrack Link QR Code Shows Contact Informaton
image credit: Eufy

Also, Eufy tries to make it seem as though they exclusively offer “left behind” alerts. Apple allows a user to set separation alerts, which will notify you immediately if your wallet ends up in the hands of a pick-pocket.

Best known for robotic vacuum cleaners and security cameras, Eufy is an emerging brand. I personally own one of their automated cleaning devices, and it’s well-made with features that go beyond competing brands. I bought it two years ago, it still works, and it’s the best and cheapest vacuum I’ve ever owned.

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Although I don’t own a Eufy SmartTrack Link, it’s probably well-made. The Eufy product I own exhibits high quality, and the brand tends to earn praise and lofty reviews on Amazon and other shopping portals.

Both AirTag and SmartTrack Link are excellent products. Either one will help you find a lost item. Given that SmartTrack has a few extra features and costs less, it seems like a better deal. Double-tapping the tag to find a lost iPhone is impressive. That’s something Apple should have figured out.

I also like the SmartTrack Link’s appearance. It’s black, which blends in with colors better than white. It also seems to hold up better to dirt and smudges.

The main appeal of SmartTrack is its price. You can get a Eufy SmartTrack Link tracker for $19.99, which is $10 less than Apple’s AirTag. If you use the promo code WS24SM, you’ll save an additional 20%.

Appledystopia has no affiliation with Eufy or Apple. Whether you purchase an AirTag or SmartTrack Link has no impact on our revenue. I’m presenting this product as an acceptable alternative to Apple’s AirTag; however, you can’t go wrong with either tracking device.

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At Appledystopia, we care about consumers and savings. With a 20% discount, this is one of the best deals on item trackers we’ve ever seen.


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