DNS Changer Trojan Horse

What you need to know…

The internet has been a-buzz over the past months about the DNS Changer trojan horse. This malware is estimated to have infected 300,000 computers, both Mac and PC. It works by hijacking the DNS lookup for your computer. Your DNS queries will not go to your ISPs DNS servers. Instead, when you type an address into your browser or click on a bookmark, you will get nothing.

Monday, July 9 is a big deal. The FBI busted the hacking ring. They set up “friendly” DNS servers to allow infected computers to look up the correct sites. These FBI DNS servers were meant to be temporary, but a judge extended their operation until July 9, 2012. After that date, these FBI DNS servers will be shut down, and any infected users will go nowhere. This will make it difficult to download a fix.

What you need to do…

Go to this website. It will let you know if you are infected or not. If you are infected, go to this website for suggestions on how to fix the problem. Do it now. If you are infected, on July 9, 2012, the only way you will be able to reach an internet site is by IP address (such as, to access Google for example).

Chances are, with 300,000 computers infected, your computer is OK. The media have hyped this beyond belief, claiming that millions of computers are infected and there will be chaos on Monday. As usual, you can come to Appledystopia for the non-hyped version of the story. Remember Y2K? Some have forgotten the media’s ability to distort reality through hype. I see it every day, and try my best to filter out the hype and present the facts.

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