Can AirPods Pro Fall out of Your Ears?

Apple’s new professional grade wireless earbuds have impressed critics and fans alike. Unfortunately, these expensive devices don’t fit everyone perfectly.

By Chand Bellur

November 3, 2019 at 8:12 p.m. PDT

Apple Improved the AirPods Pro Fit

AirPods have proven to be remarkably popular wireless earbuds. Convenient to charge and easy to pair with all Apple devices, they offer a seamless, wireless audio experience. Until recently, the popular earbuds were only offered in a single size. Unfortunately, this one size did not fit all.

Problems with AirPods falling out of ears quickly flooded the Internet. People eventually figured out that AirPods don’t work for everyone. According to Apple, they should fit 90% of customers’ ears. Despite the slightly limited potential consumer reach, AirPods were in high demand. Apple’s wireless earbuds sold out everywhere and were unavailable for months.

Apple finally ameliorated this problem, for most people. Their new AirPods Pro come with three sizes of silicone tips. These interchangeable tips are intended to solve the problem of dislodged AirPods.

Unfortunately, there are already reports of Apple’s newest wireless earbuds breaking their seal, but not falling out, during intense exercise. Some users feel the fit is a bit loose, and would not recommend using them for high motion activities, such as running.

Can AirPods Pro Fall out of Your Ears?

Reports and reviews come to a common consensus — AirPods Pro fit better than previous models, but may lose their seal or seating inside one’s ear. It’s highly unlikely that they will fall out, but when the seal is broken, audio quality is compromised.

iMore reports that the new wireless earbuds fit better, but posed some difficulties when running five kilometers:

“On the first mile of my run, everything stayed in place exactly the way earbuds are supposed to, and they felt great. Halfway through the second mile, I could feel my AirPods Pro start to move around a little and slowly wiggle out of my ear. By the end of that second mile, I could hear the outside world clearly because the Transparency Mode seal had been broken as the buds slid out of my ears. Halfway through the second mile, it felt like the earbuds were falling out, so I pushed them back into my ears. But this wasn’t a permanent solution. I could feel them start to slide again a few moments later. By the time I had finished the 5K run, I had pushed the stems back into my ears three times. The AirPods Pro never actually fell out of my ears, but the fit became far less seated and snug as I continued to run.”

iPods Pro are an improvement on their silicone-free siblings, however, they don’t always fit perfectly or feel comfortable. If you intend on using wireless audio for intense physical activities, consider purchasing headphones or wireless earbuds that attach to one’s outer ear. Although these are bulkier alternatives, the better fit will make for less fidgeting and more productive workouts.


  1. They fall out of my ears all the time, when I eat, why I talk a lot…don’t even try them at the gym…very frustrated. The originals fit stay put much better but don’t sound as good…Apple needs to go back to drawing board and get a little “Bose” in them.

    1. I went for the Powerbeats Pro. Love ’em. They sound amazing and won’t fall out, no matter how much I bang my head. They’re essentially an Apple product, with the H1 chip and all.

  2. Ro,

    I agree with you. I had tried the AirPods gen 2 and bought the AirPods Pro on the day that they came out. The noise cancelling is fantastic but they keep falling out my ears whatever size I use. I guess I’ll just have to wait for an aftermarket product becomes available to keep them in my ear.

    On another site, someone recommended putting them in upside down. That actually works and it seems to have a good fit. I don’t think it’ll look too good in public though.

    1. I ended up getting the PowerBeats Pro on sale for $181 after tax. They have the same H1 chip as the AirPods Pro, but they don’t offer the noise cancellation or background audio transparency features. As for the former, since the PowerBeats Pro fit snuggly in the ear canal, most sound will be blocked off. I think the AirPods Pro are probably best for travelers and the PowerBeats Pros are best for athletic people. I sweat a lot when I run, so I just know AirPods will break their seal, and I will be annoyed about that when running. AirPods Pro would be far more comfortable on a long airplane trip.

    2. I agree with those who say the AirPod pro earbuds do not stay securely fit in your ear. They are sealed for a while, but within 10 minutes or less work their way out. I have tried all sizes of the ear tips and tried to secure them in the ways suggested here. The noise cancellation makes them sound tinny so I don’t use it anyway. They sound good, but honestly the pair of earbuds that came with the phone are not that different. This product is way over-priced and destined for damage.

      1. Thanks for your comment. I opted for PowerBeats Pros, which feature Apple technology. I like them. They fit well and have rich bass. I think there’s other better options now. Amazon, Google, Samsung, and even OnePlus all have wireless earbuds. Some fit and sound better than others.

        I’ve heard others put forth the same complaints about AirPods. They seem to fit some people well, but not others. People who go running admit the seal breaks and they lose that above-average sound quality.

  3. I also think the first airpods fit a bit better, but not good enough. I had high hopes that these would be a great fit, but to my dismay, they weren’t and they have slipped out a few times walking around my apartment. I like the quality, I really like the optional noise cancellation, but have searched and searched for a way to keep this in my ear. I am ready to give up and return them :/

  4. I heard on some podcast that people were using different sized tips for each ear. Maybe that could be a solution if one of them are falling out.

  5. I’ve had the AirPod Pros since they came out – and the regular AirPods since those came out. The original AirPods *never* fell out of my ears, even during fairly intense exercise (trail running). I haven’t been so lucky with the new Pros. Everything I’m about to write refers to my right ear only (laugh if you must):

    I’ve tried all three tip sizes, but a consistent seal elude me on the right ear. A minute or two after pushing them in as tightly as I can, the seal is broken again and the active noise cancellation is not as good on this ear as it could be. But still pretty good. The bigger problem is that once the seal is broken, that AirPod falls out of my ear really easily. Maybe it’s because they’re not really resting as neatly on the inside of my ear as the old AirPods did – as they’re quite a bit “fatter”. Or maybe it’s because their center of gravity is outside my ear? (even when seal is on, these headphones protrude outside the ear quite a bit more than my AirPods ever did!)

    Anyway, the outcome is that within a week, my right-ear Pro has already fallen to the ground several times, whereas the originals *never* did in 3 years of ownership.

    1. Personally, I am going to get the new Beats Solo Pro headphones. Beyond the fit, I just don’t have confidence that AirPods Pro sound as good as larger headphones. A normal pair of headphones will have bigger drivers and more bass.

      How did the AirPods Pro sound compared to regular AirPods?

      The Beats Pro Solo have all the same features and electronics as the AirPods Pro.

      Thank you so much for your insightful and constructive comment!

    2. I have the exact same issue like yours, buy in my left ear…I figured out its the new body design of Airpods Pro just too fat compare to the Airpods.

    3. A simple solution might be to wipe the inner lobe of your ear with a cotton bud or tissue paper. I had the same problem, and ever since I wiped the natural skin oil, it’s been perfect. Was contempating returning them when I discovered this simple solution! Thanks Edmund for your pearls of wisdom!

      1. Beats (owned by Apple) has a less expensive pair of clip-on earbuds. Reviewers say they fit very well. I personally have my sites set on Beats Pro Solos. AirPods Pro seem cool, but I’m not convinced they’re a well developed product. With all of the payola on the WWW and social media, I can’t trust reviewers. I’m not big enough for Apple to send me a pair to evaluate. So I’ll just go with the Beats Pro Solos and, if they’re good, I’ll give them a good review. If they’re bad, they get a bad review. It’s really that simple for me. I get offers to review crappy products for $, and I turn every offer down. Just so you know, pretty much all reviews you read on most big websites are influenced by payola. Lots of customer reviews are fake too. Ensure that whatever you buy has a good return policy, because consumers don’t have the ability to make an informed decision these days.

    4. Hello there,

       never does mistakes.

      You can just fix that problem yourself just by locking the top curvature of the AirPods into the hollow curvature of your ears by just pushing the AirPods backwards into the hollow curvature of your ears after inserting them casually. After locking it there, it never falls out unless you remove it by pulling it forward and outward.

      Hope you understand and try it once. I bet you would never blame  for anything.


      1. If you’re running, the AirPods Pro seal can break, which diminishes audio quality. I have read several reviews which make this point. I opted for the Powerbeats Pro headphones, which stay in place during vigorous exercise and have better sound quality than AirPods Pro. They’re significantly cheaper too.

        Apple never makes mistakes? Wow, you sure drank the Kool-Aid.

        Between the Samsung fanboys who troll this site and the Apple fanboys who seek to invalidate any criticism, is there anyone out there who sees reality? Anyone who’s not totally delusional? Perhaps these people just don’t comment. Has anyone actually worked at a large, well-known tech corporation? If you have, you wouldn’t be licking Apple’s boots…

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