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Can AirPods Pro Fall out of Your Ears?

published by Chand Bellur
November 3, 2019 at 8:31 p.m. PST

Apple’s new professional grade wireless earbuds have impressed critics and fans alike. Unfortunately, these expensive devices don’t fit everyone perfectly.

Apple Improved the AirPods Pro Fit

AirPods have proven to be remarkably popular wireless earbuds. Convenient to charge and easy to pair with all Apple devices, they offer a seamless, wireless audio experience. Until recently, the popular earbuds were only offered in a single size. Unfortunately, this one size did not fit all.

Problems with AirPods falling out of ears quickly flooded the Internet. People eventually figured out that AirPods don’t work for everyone. According to Apple, they should fit 90% of customers’ ears. Despite the slightly limited potential consumer reach, AirPods were in high demand. Apple’s wireless earbuds sold out everywhere and were unavailable for months.

Apple finally ameliorated this problem, for most people. Their new AirPods Pro come with three sizes of silicone tips. These interchangeable tips are intended to solve the problem of dislodged AirPods.

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Unfortunately, there are already reports of Apple’s newest wireless earbuds breaking their seal, but not falling out, during intense exercise. Some users feel the fit is a bit loose, and would not recommend using them for high motion activities, such as running.

Can AirPods Pro Fall out of Your Ears?

Reports and reviews come to a common consensus — AirPods Pro fit better than previous models, but may lose their seal or seating inside one’s ear. It’s highly unlikely that they will fall out, but when the seal is broken, audio quality is compromised.

iMore reports that the new wireless earbuds fit better, but posed some difficulties when running five kilometers:

“On the first mile of my run, everything stayed in place exactly the way earbuds are supposed to, and they felt great. Halfway through the second mile, I could feel my AirPods Pro start to move around a little and slowly wiggle out of my ear. By the end of that second mile, I could hear the outside world clearly because the Transparency Mode seal had been broken as the buds slid out of my ears. Halfway through the second mile, it felt like the earbuds were falling out, so I pushed them back into my ears. But this wasn’t a permanent solution. I could feel them start to slide again a few moments later. By the time I had finished the 5K run, I had pushed the stems back into my ears three times. The AirPods Pro never actually fell out of my ears, but the fit became far less seated and snug as I continued to run.”

iPods Pro are an improvement on their silicone-free siblings, however, they don’t always fit perfectly or feel comfortable. If you intend on using wireless audio for intense physical activities, consider purchasing headphones or wireless earbuds that attach to one’s outer ear. Although these are bulkier alternatives, the better fit will make for less fidgeting and more productive workouts.

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