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Camp at Home With Apple This Summer

image credit: Apple

By Chand Bellur

June 17, 2020 at 3:54 p.m. PT

  • Apple Camp usually takes place at Apple Stores; however, this year, it will be held virtually.
  • The Apple Camp program provides educational opportunities for kids on summer vacation.
  • Registration for Apple Camp at Home has not started yet; however, parents can sign-up for notification of when the process begins.

Apple Camp Educates Children Over the Summer

Summertime is vacation time for most children, as school is out of session. Unfortunately, parents still have to work and continue taking care of their kids. This can be stressful for parents, as they struggle to find intellectually engaging activities for their progeny.

Summer camp traditionally fills the role of childcare for most families during the long school break. It also provides kids with opportunities to grow and meet new people. There are numerous types of summer camps — scouting, computer camp, band camp, and parochial options. Even Apple has a day camp for children.

Typically held at brick and mortar Apple Stores, Apple Camp is an opportunity for children to learn about art, graphic design, video production, and coding. The day camp is free; however, parents must register their children ahead of time. It’s an excellent opportunity for kids to learn about technology and also make like-minded friends.

Apple Camp Goes Virtual This Year

Given the current situation in the world, large gatherings are no longer safe. Apple was one of the first companies to adapt to this changing reality and remain flexible and creative with new ideas to address customers’ needs.

This year’s Apple Camp is virtual, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worthwhile. Although children won’t be able to socialize as well as with a real-life event, the virtual day camp makes the most of telepresence technology.

Designed for children between the ages of 8-12, this year’s Apple Camp will employ Webex virtual meetings for each session. Of course, a virtual Apple Camp means that children must remain at home with adult supervision. Apple Camp, however, has never really been about summertime child care. It’s all about educating children with Apple products, creating a whole new generation of consumers.

Apple will soon accept registration for this year’s virtual Apple Camp. Parents can sign up for registration notification from the Today at Apple website.


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