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It looks like Christmas came late for Apple TV owners. Last night, the 5.2 update for Apple TV was released. After problems introduced with the last update, I considered waiting, but decided to take the plunge. The new update is minor and installs quickly. The total installation time should be about 20 minutes. It’s well worth the wait.

iTunes in the Cloud is now available on Apple TV. An iTunes Match subscription is no longer needed to play iTunes purchases on Apple TV. When you navigate to the Music icon, the marquee displays the top 25 iTunes albums that were recently accessed. You can access your entire iTunes music collection by clicking the Music icon with the center select button. I had been pining for this feature for some time. You no longer need a computer, iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch to play iTunes music on Apple TV. This is a wonderful thing! Keep in mind, any music you “rip” from CD will not be available here unless you subscribe to iTunes Match. You can still play this music via AirPlay.

Apple TV now supports the “Up Next” master playlist, introduced with iTunes 11. You can even change the order of songs in the Up Next queue. To do this from the “album cover” view, hold down the select button.

Apple TV iTunes album viewThis will reveal a menu with options.

Apple TV iTunes pop up menu

Choose “Show Up Next” from the menu. You can also access the Up Next playlist by clicking the Music icon on the main menu.

Apple TV iTunes Up Next

You can change the order of a song by clicking the right directional button on your Apple TV remote. This will select the list icon on the right. Then move the track up or down. You can also add new music to the Up Next list. Now you can be the hippest DJ in your living room. (continue…)

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