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Apple’s New Credit Card Launches in US

Apple’s long awaited credit card launches in the US today. The card promises a completely new experience for consumers.

The Apple Card debuts today, amidst a flurry of media coverage. The new credit card, issued by Goldman Sachs, claims to provide better security and transparency than its competitors. Apple Card holders also get cash back rewards, similar to other credit cards.

The card itself is constructed of titanium and is designed to last “forever”. There’s no expiration date or number on the card, making it much more secure than the competition.

Lost or stolen Apple Cards have little value to the unlawful card holder. Employees at the point of sale can’t copy your credit card information and use it later. The Apple Card offers industry leading security, with an elegant design sure to please the most discriminating aesthetician.

Like most credit cards, Apple offers a rewards program, which they call Daily Cash. The program offers two percent cash back for using the Apple Card with Apple Pay. An additional one percent cash back is added for purchases within the Apple ecosystem — Apple brick and mortar stores,, the iTunes Store, the App Store, iCloud storage and other Apple services. Apple is slated to launch Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade soon, both of which will be eligible for three percent cash back.

Third-party merchants, such as Uber and Uber Eats also offer three percent Daily Cash rewards. This program is expected to expand, as Apple Card membership increases.

The Apple Card has no fees and offers greater transparency through reports. The reports are designed to help card holders pay less interest by presenting a better view of spending.

Apple customers can sign up for the Apple Card using the Wallet app. If qualified, customers can begin using their Apple Card immediately.

The Apple Card is critical to the future success of the company. iPhone sales are in decline. As with all public corporations, Apple must increase profitability every quarter to meet expectations. The Apple Card gives Apple service revenues as well as providing an incentive for Android users to switch to the iPhone.


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