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Apple TV still has a YouTube app, and there are no plans to remove this. This is not an anti-YouTube move. It is similar to what Apple did with Java — they handed it back to Oracle. This allows Apple to repurpose scarce development talent for more strategic projects. Hopefully, they can free up some developers and QA to fix Reminders so you can move items on the to-do list, or perhaps address the myriad issues in iOS in general. The YouTube app is par for the course. Many Apple-developed apps are lacking in quality, sophistication and features. This is great for third-party developers.

iOS is the weak link in the Apple chain. It’s not horrible, but it is not indicative of the Apple quality users pay a premium to experience. Perhaps I am too critical of Apple here. Smart phones are a nascent platform, and iOS still offers industry-leading stability and ease-of-use. The walled garden can be frustrating, but it comes with the benefit of security and stability. If you upload a video to some fly-by-night website, and it hangs, you may blame Apple for it. That said, proper exception and error handling can “blame” the appropriate party and recover gracefully.

I do think some of the criticism in the blogosphere is ridiculous. This generates the “crying wolf” effect. When critics have a knee-jerk reaction to everything Apple does, crying foul, then we are all desensitized when they do something really bad. I am surprised how little concern there is about the iBooks scandal, which was truly conspiratorial.

Apple puts users in a half-nelson

I applaud the decision to remove the YouTube app. I have been wanting to delete it since I got my iPhone. The YouTube website is just fine. I don’t need a dedicated app for every big website out there. This is where I find fault — playing favorites with Twitter, Facebook, et al. These are trendy technologies, not something to be “baked in” to the operating system. Apple would better serve their customers by making their technology work for “n” social networks, portals, etc. Even WordPress is able to do this. Any move away from the half-nelson of Apple tech-cronyism will win accolades from Appledystopia!

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