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Apple TV+ Launches Today

Apple TV+ is live and available today. The new streaming service offers original content with inexpensive subscription fees.

By Chand Bellur

November 1, 2019 at 5:47 p.m. PDT

Apple TV+ Goes Live Today

Apple’s much hyped and anticipated video streaming service goes live today. Over a decade after Netflix and HBO offered similar services, Apple’s video streaming effort competes mostly on price and original content.

The new service offers compelling content, with major players such as Steven Spielberg, Oprah, Steve Carell and Jennifer Aniston involved in original content. Shows such as See, The Morning Show and For All Mankind have generated a tremendous amount of interest, with record-breaking trailer views.

How to Access Apple TV+

Virtually anyone can access Apple TV+ using a variety of platforms. Any device capable of running the Apple TV app can access Apple TV+. In addition to virtually all Apple devices, Roku and some brands of smart TVs can also access Apple TV+.

Starting an Apple TV+ subscription is easy. Simply launch the Apple TV app and follow the onscreen instructions. You can also sign up by visiting

How Much Does Apple TV+ Cost?

Apple TV+ is one of the most affordable video streaming services on the market today. This may be due to limited content offerings. For now, the service only costs $4.99 per month. New users can enjoy a seven day free trial.

If you’ve recently purchased a new Apple TV, Mac, iPod touch, iPad or iPhone, you get a year of Apple TV+ for free. To be eligible, devices must have been purchased after September 10, 2019.

Can Apple Compete with Netflix and HBO?

Apple is late to the video streaming market, however, they have one clear advantage — a billion users. Over the years, Apple has greatly expanded their user base and now has over a billion combined iOS and macOS users. As noted, the Apple TV app is also available on Roku and other devices.

Netflix and HBO do not have this advantage. Although their services operate on just about every device, they lack the ability to market it directly through devices.

When a customer purchases an Apple device, they’re actively solicited to subscribe to Apple TV+. This strategy worked well for Apple Music, which quickly increased its subscriber base. Given the price, star power and ease of subscribing, Apple TV+ is likely to quickly catch up to Netflix and HBO.


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