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Apple TV Adds Bloomberg, ABC, Crackle and KORTV

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 ABC for Apple TV

Live TV access that requires a cable subscription seems superfluous. Why not just watch ABC on cable? At best, it may be useful to those with an Apple TV tucked away in a room without cable access. Perhaps ABC is getting their foot in the door. In time, these networks may ease out of their partnership with cable companies, offering content to anyone.

ABC for Apple TV also features video on demand. Programs such as The Goldbergs, Modern Family, and Grey’s Anatomy are offered, but the collection is incomplete. I find this surprising. One can find complete and up-to-date collections of these programs on Hulu Plus. The ABC channel is clearly offered to those who don’t want to pay for Hulu Plus.

Cord-cutters have been able to access ABC programming on Apple TV for some time. Hulu Plus offers many ABC shows. If you don’t want to pay for the service, you can just download the ABC app for iOS and use AirPlay to watch content. This method won’t yield great video quality, but you get what you pay for.

How to Hide Channels You Don’t Use

Apple TV has a lot of great content channels, and also a lot of media you might not watch. If you don’t have cable, the channels requiring a cable subscription are just taking up space. Some people don’t subscribe to paid content, like sports channels. If you want to remove icons from the main menu, simply go to Settings > General > Restrictions. Scroll down the list and toggle “hide” for the channels you don’t use. It will make it easier to navigate what is now becoming a crowded main menu.

The Future of Apple TV?

Apple TV is still a work in progress. There are rumors that Apple will be producing a new model, based on the A7 chip. The set-top box already supports Bluetooth. It is possible that Apple TV will be making a great leap forward — offering access to the App Store and video games that can be operated with Bluetooth controllers. This is all possible, but it’s speculative. Apple’s current course of piecemeal content additions will have to do for now.

Every few months, I wake my Apple TV and find more channels and content. I am using AirPlay a lot less than when I purchased the device. Nothing beats the user experience of watching TV with a small remote, at least for now. Perhaps future models will be controlled with kinetic gestures or one’s voice. All that remains certain is that Apple TV will continue to improve and amaze.

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